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Cumberland Trail ... page under construction, revised 4/18/14

CT volunteer data wheeled-distance, gps files (download gpx files and use gpsvisualizer). Tracks on google map above are based on CT volunteer GPS files.

Δ Cumberland Trail elevation profiles based on 10m and 3m DEM elevation data from USGS NED server

The GPS data is used for fetching and plotting the USGS elevation data. Due to the dicretization of the GPS track data, the track length is usually 4% or more shorter than the actual trail length. For example the wheeled length of the Piney River trail is 8.46 miles, while the GPS track length is 8.1 miles (which includes adjusting for elevation "distance"). The cumulative +climb/-descent is calculated from the USGS elevation data and is smoothed by a 10' filter, but even still the estimates are probably quite high. (Elevation data collected by the GPS is typically less accurate than fetching the USGS elevation data.)

Based on the elevation data, the steepest half-mile sections are Lawson Mtn (mile 2.2 to 2.7 25%, 6.5 to 6.9 23%, 3.6 to 4.1 22%), Arch Mtn (3.6 to 4.1 22%), and Cross Mtn (12.2 to 12.7 22%).

Cumberland Trail state park
cumberlandtrail.org more maps, trail descriptions
CT volunteer data GPS files, maps, wheeled distances
Google Earth version ct.kmz
Cumberland Trail landforms
CT hikes GPS tracks 2014 Graysville track
CT 50K trail run and 2011 GPS track
CT facebook

AT in the Smokies elevation profile, wheeled distance: 72.371 miles, GPS (elevation adjusted) distance: 71.913 miles

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