11. Haw Ridge Trails

Description: This greenway provides a mostly wooded series of trails of varying difficulty, many suitable for mountain biking, in an undeveloped area with waterfront access. More details and maps at HawRidge.org.
Trail surface: Natural wooded path
Elevation: 795' to 1157'
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult
Handicap Access: No
Distance: 28+ miles
Main Entrances: Edgemoor Rd. 0.1 miles east of parking area; Old Edgemoor Rd opposite Park Meade Dr; Old Edgemoor shoulder east of Life Development Center
Uses: Walk/jog, pets, bicycles (No horses. No motorized vehicles.)

Map legend/rules

The map above is only "suggestive" because there are more than 28 miles of trails in Haw Ridge Park. See google trail map or visit the Haw Ridge Park web page for detailed trail maps and geology and wildflower information. Phase IV of the Melton Lake Greenway was begun in June, 2011. It extends the greenway along the north edge of Haw Ridge Park.

Beware. This area is closed for deer hunts three weekends each fall, please check the park web page for exact dates.


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