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Reminiscent of the greenbelt tradition envisioned by the City planners, the Greenways concept foresees a system of paths, walkways, and bike trails that will eventually link Oak Ridge's centers of interest and outermost borders. Greenbelts were originally set aside as sanctuaries for wildlife and native plants, and as opportunities within the City to enjoy nature in an unspoiled setting. Greenways seek to continue that tradition. Greenways Oak Ridge has dedicated eleven greenways to date and plans to continue the network into the future. The links to the trails in the following table include maps and descriptions of Oak Ridge Greenways.

Greenway Miles Walk/ jog Pets Bicycle Skates/ rollerblades Horseback riding
  1. North Ridge Trail 7.7 YYNNN
  2. Cedar Hill 2.5 YYNNN
  3. Pine Grove 1.2 YYNNN
  4. Emory Valley 3.1 YYYYN
  5. Gallaher Bend 4.5 YYYNN
  6. Melton Lake 5.6 YYYYN
  7. Big Turtle Park 0.8 YYNNN
  8. Worthington 0.7 YYNNN
  9. North Boundary 14 YYYNN
10. Wildflower 0.8 YYNNN
11. Haw Ridge 28+ YYYNN
12. Black Oak Ridge 13.7 YNYNN

East Greenways

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West Greenways

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Greenway maps:   North Ridge   Cedar Hill   Pine Grove   Emory Valley   Gallaher Bend
  Melton Lake   Big Turtle   Worthington   North Boundary   Wildflower   Haw Ridge   Black Oak Ridge

★ Google map/image/topo of trails and trailheads or iPhone map and trailhead/junction GPS data

These web pages were produced from the Greenways Trail Maps brochure published in early 2003 by Sig Christensen and Susan Donnelly of Greenways Oak Ridge. Maps were produced from GIS/GPS data provided by Sam Kitchings. The Greenways Oak Ridge project is a volunteer effort and works closely with the Recreation and Parks Department of the City of Oak Ridge. In 2002 the Greenways officers were:

Dan Robbins, Chairman
Roger Macklin, Vice Chairman
Lois Martin, Secretary
Peggy Mitchell, Treasurer
Hard copies of this greenways brochure are sometimes available at the Oak Ridge Public Library. Hike all the trails and earn a Secret City Trekker patch.

To learn more and volunteer, please visit the Greenways Oak Ridge home page.

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