Chuck Swan

Distance: 70+ miles
Rating: easy to moderate
Elevation: 1020' to 1660' (fire tower)
Surface: dirt/gravel
Maps: USGS Quadrangles: White Hollow, Demory, Well Spring (The 1986 revision of White Hollow shows most of the major roads.) TWRA map (pdf). WMA maps can be purchased from TWRA.
Access: Take Sharps Chapel Rd. off of TN 33 west of Tazewell in Union County. We have GPS waypoints (.gpx), maps, and driving directions for some of the trail heads at trail-head parking.
As of 2015, you may need to pay an access fee
The area is administered and owned by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, funded by hunters and fisherman. The area may be closed for hunts, so check with the WMA manager (423-278-3248). See TWRA hunt schedules for April and May closure dates for turkey hunts also see TWRA WMA hunt schedule.

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Description: The Chuck Swan Wildlife Management Area occupies 24,444 acres on the Central Peninsula on the east shores of Norris Lake, the confluence of the Powell and Clinch rivers. The karstic area consists of rolling gravel and dirt roads through pine and hardwood forests with numerous sinkholes, springs, and several caves. The Main Forest Rd. (10 miles) is wide packed gravel and bisects the peninsula along Dividing Ridge, but TWRA says this road is not open to bicyclists, horses, or ATVs. There are numerous dirt roads looping off the Main Forest Rd. as well as spurs down to the lake (1020') and picnic areas. There are several old cemeteries, some dating to the early 1800's (Lost Cr. Cemetery). The major roads are named and marked at intersections. Most of the loops are fairly level, though the Big Spring/Oaks Chapel loop has some steep sections.

TWRA's controversial "daylighting" of roads has reduced the "quality" of riding through the forests. To reduce road maintenance costs, TWRA is clearcutting the road ways in 75' wide swaths and putting down 2" rock on the secondary spurs.

Winter picture (40K) from fire tower (1665.6') looking north over Long Hollow Rd. High point (1667.5') at 36.3775636,-83.8914836 and Union County's deepest sinkhole (82') at 36.324493,-83.956961

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