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Tom Dunigan former Adjunct Associate Professor UTK Computer Science and retired research scientist with ORNL
Cisco Senior Software Architect (consultant), consultant Chr. Michelsen Institute


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    Almost TCP over UDP atou
    Internet TCP tuning Net100
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Email: gmail thdunigan
Tom's public GPG key Tom Dunigan keyID 3780FBB6
Fingerprint for Tom's GPG key: 092F 57AB 229A 9149 D628 DC86 8F52 2479 3780 FBB6
Tom's public PGP key Tom Dunigan < thd@ornl.gov > keyID 826A027D
Fingerprint for Tom's PGP key: 77 ED A5 60 18 36 90 32 F6 EB 71 A8 6D FD 98 55
Oak Ridge High School class of 66
BS, Physics/Math, Duke University
MS, PhD, Computer Science, University of North Carolina

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