Tennessee Peaks

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Waypoint Peak County Locale
CTP001 Roan High Knob 6285' Carter CNF
SVP001 Clingmans Dome 6643' Sevier GSMNP
SVP002 Mt Ambler 6120' Sevier GSMNP
SVP003 Mt Buckley 6575' Sevier GSMNP
SVP004 Mt Chapman 6417' Sevier GSMNP
SVP005 Mt Collins 6188' Sevier GSMNP
SVP006 Mt Guyot 6621' Sevier GSMNP
SVP007 Mt Kephart 6217' Sevier GSMNP
SVP008 Mt Le Conte 6593' Sevier GSMNP
SVP009 Mt Love 6446' Sevier GSMNP
SVP010 Mt Sequoyah 6023' Sevier GSMNP
SVP011 Old Black 6370' Sevier GSMNP
SVP012 Tricorner Knob 6136' Sevier GSMNP
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The table above lists the 13 mountain peaks in Tennessee above 6000'. Bag a sixer! There are a few more sixers on the NC side of the Smoky mountains, see GSMNP landforms. The highest point in TN is Clingmans Dome at 6,643'. The lowest point in Tennessee is 178' along the Mississippi. The highest mountain east of the Black Hills of South Dakota and west of the Appalachians is Cross Mountain at 3,540'. Check out the county high points for the highest location in each of Tennessee's 95 counties and learn more about digital elevation data (DEM, LiDAR, SRTM). Also see article on Tennessee's high points (1999).

Google map/image of Tennessee peaks.

Tennessee has 25 peaks over a mile high, and there are many more unnamed peaks over 4000' -- their significance a function of prominence and isolation.


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