Tennessee Landforms -- waterfalls
36.383300 -82.411600
36° 22.998'N 82° 24.696'W
36° 22' 59.9"N 82° 24' 41.8"W
17S 373391E 4027389N
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Boones Creek Falls 2'

Waypoint: WSF006 36.383300,-82.411600
County: Washington   landforms of Washington county
Locale: historic
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Daniel Boone supposedly hid from indians under this falls. The falls was about 4' high in the 1700's. William Bean established a homestead above the falls in 1768, the falls prevented indian canoes from the Watauga River paddling up the creek.

Photo by Gregory Plumb, Author of Waterfalls of Tennessee

old postcard photo

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