Tennessee Landforms -- arches and natural bridges
35.841860 -85.361710
35° 50.512'N 85° 21.703'W
35° 50' 30.7"N 85° 21' 42.2"W
16S 647956E 3967647N
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Lost Cr.(Dodson) Arch 3x4

Waypoint: WHA001 35.841860,-85.361710
County: White   landforms of White county
Locale: ScottsGulf
NABSQNO 16S-647956-3967647
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References: JNAD:TENN-55,Barr

This small arch/tunnel is at the base of the falls, south side. There are several column arches in the resurgence opening at the top of the falls. See Sutherland photo. Nearby is Dodson Cave.

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