Tennessee Landforms -- waterfalls
35.755780 -85.444700
35° 45.347'N 85° 26.682'W
35° 45' 20.8"N 85° 26' 40.9"W
16S 640612E 3957977N
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Little Falls 60'

Waypoint: VBF010 35.755780,-85.444700
County: VanBuren   landforms of VanBuren county
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Reference & photo: Dwight Haston
Little Falls is owned by the Van Buren County Schools. The land was bought by Mourice Taft, using his own funds. The land was used to quarry building stone during the Depresion Era to build the frist High School in the county. He then left the land in a trust Fund in 1838 to the childern of Van Buren County with the School Board to watch over it. 1938 photo

Maurice Taft aka Judge Taft- also bought a large land holding in Van Buren county and is credited with the concept and plan to construct Fall Creek Falls State Park. He is known as the " Father of Fall Creek Falls. This falls is 60 feet and is locaked on Millstone Branch and is open to hikers if they approach from a trail head at N35 45.294 W 85 25.998

Chuck Sutherland's photo1 or photo2

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