Tennessee Landforms -- waterfalls
36.087380 -82.575530
36° 5.243'N 82° 34.532'W
36° 5' 14.6"N 82° 34' 31.9"W
17S 358153E 3994789N
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Buckeye Falls 475'

Waypoint: UCF001 36.087380,-82.575530
County: Unicoi   landforms of Unicoi county
Locale: wilderness
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Part cliff and part cascade, not easily reached or viewed. The base of the wall is at 3100', about 0.3 miles up the south fork of Clark Creek (460' climb).

Merely a wet wall in the fall.

Here is a spring picture submitted by Chad Ricker and Jason Austin.

Steve Kasten's photo from Chigger Ridge

Randy Tarpley's photos

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