Tennessee Landforms
35.687713 -83.409447
35° 41.263'N 83° 24.567'W
35° 41' 15.8"N 83° 24' 34"W
17S 281969E 3951987N
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Fittified Spring

Waypoint: SVX002 35.687713,-83.409447
County: Sevier   landforms of Sevier county
Locale: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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"... the Spasmodic (or Fitified) Spring which was on their property. James and Pheobe’s son Mack apparently observed the Spasmodic Spring when in 1916 an earthquake caused it to start a 7 minute on, 7 minute off cycle. This lasted for some 20 years until around 1936 the CCC boys set off some dynamite just above the area and interrupted the flow of the spring. It did flow periodically until several years ago when it nearly dried up all together." from gosmokies.com, includes photo

another reference to Spasmodic Spring

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