Tennessee Landforms -- peaks
35.630912 -83.389746
35° 37.855'N 83° 23.385'W
35° 37' 51.3"N 83° 23' 23.1"W
17S 283598E 3945642N
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Mt Kephart 6217'

Waypoint: SVP007 35.630912,-83.389746
County: Sevier   landforms of Sevier county
Locale: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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Mt Kephart is along the side trail to the Jumpoff. On the USGS topo, Kephart has a "spot elevation" of 6217'. As part of the 2012 Smokies GPS elevation survey, the high point has been measured at 6218.48', with an error of less than 2". The high point has also been surveyed with airborne LiDAR by NC (6218.17') and by TN (6218.8').

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