Tennessee Landforms -- waterfalls
35.706200 -83.295300
35° 42.372'N 83° 17.718'W
35° 42' 22.3"N 83° 17' 43.1"W
17S 292348E 3953791N
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Upper Ramsay Cascades

Waypoint: SVF044 35.706200,-83.295300
County: Sevier   landforms of Sevier county
Locale: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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A number of cascades are located off-trail above Ramsay Cascade.

20' falls 200' climb above Ramsay Cascade

Pictured below are portions of 100' cascade (the waypoint)

Above this upper cascade is Drinkwater Pool and coffin rock (35.7056 -83.2928) described by Harvey Broome. In Out Under the Sky of the Great Smokies Broome writes, "I spotted Drinkwater [Pool] from far downstream by the casket-shaped rock on its shelving rim." (pg 162). See photos below.

Further upstream is another series of cascades (35.7049 -83.29044). See photo below

See Dutch Roth 1934 black & white

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