Tennessee Landforms -- arches and natural bridges
35.635900 -83.445800
35° 38.154'N 83° 26.748'W
35° 38' 9.2"N 83° 26' 44.9"W
17S 278535E 3946321N
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Eye of the Needle 4x3

Waypoint: SVA002 35.635900,-83.445800
County: Sevier   landforms of Sevier county
Locale: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
NABSQNO 17S-278535-3946321
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Two small windows are visible on the top of a craggy ridge line (Little Duck Hawk Ridge) 1000' to the west of the Alum Cave Trail. The windows are best viewed as the trail climbs N toward Alum Cave. Peregrine falcons are often seen along the ridge line. The waypoint is for the northern most window. The second window is at 35.6352 N 83.4456 W, 250' south.

South window and north window.

Dutch Roth's 1935 picture or another and Sutherland's photo

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