Tennessee Landforms -- arches and natural bridges
36.577633 -84.692850
36° 34.658'N 84° 41.571'W
36° 34' 39.5"N 84° 41' 34.3"W
16S 706427E 4050497N
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Kamtt Tunnel 2x10

Waypoint: SCA074 36.577633,-84.692850
County: Scott   landforms of Scott county
Locale: Big South Fork
NABSQNO 16S-706427-4050497
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Reference and photo: Duane Ridenour

a tunnel (or tunnel arch) with a gravity arch on top of it. It makes a nice little shortcut through the bluffline and from it's eastern exit, you can see all the way down Anderson Cave Branch drainage to the bluffs across No Business Creek this time of year. It is only 2' wide, and 10' tall but it is over 20' long

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