Tennessee Landforms -- arches and natural bridges
36.541800 -84.735770
36° 32.508'N 84° 44.146'W
36° 32' 30.5"N 84° 44' 8.8"W
16S 702680E 4046430N
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Twin Arches 92x70

Waypoint: SCA013 36.541800,-84.735770
County: Scott   landforms of Scott county
Locale: Big South Fork
NABSQNO 16S-702680-4046430
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References: JNAD:TENN-18,19, C/P:29-32, WAD:44.3,44.6

North and South arches.

Stepchild arch under the steps between north and south arch(ref team Fife).
another photo courtesy of Keith Garnes

south arch tunnel

TN natural area

Twin arches loop hike

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