Tennessee Landforms -- arches and natural bridges
36.140800 -85.284800
36° 8.448'N 85° 17.088'W
36° 8' 26.9"N 85° 17' 5.3"W
16S 654319E 4000928N
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Cracked Bluff Arch 112x83

Waypoint: PUA002 36.140800,-85.284800
County: Putnam   landforms of Putnam county
Locale: private
NABSQNO 16S-654319-4000928
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References: C/P:20, WAD:44.1

the span of this arch is probably closer to 200' ...

Present landowner does not permit visitors on the topside. Arch is best viewed from the base. It is left as an "exercise" for the reader as to how to get to the base of the bluff line! More info and pic.

Nearby is Monterey window.

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