Tennessee Landforms -- waterfalls
36.087860 -84.574700
36° 5.272'N 84° 34.482'W
36° 5' 16.3"N 84° 34' 28.9"W
16S 718364E 3996417N
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Lamance Falls 20'

Waypoint: MGF006 36.087860,-84.574700
County: Morgan   landforms of Morgan county
Locale: private
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Below the falls is a 30' monolith.

Potter's Falls is a 0.7 miles downstream.
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The monolith is a hunk of bed rock that was displaced from the top of the falls in a 1926 flood. The falls was the site of the LaMance homestead and mill. [Ref. Matthew LaMance] See old postcard rendering

Christopher Lewis reports a wet-weather falls downstream from LaMance at 36.08721,-84.57601
Daniel Jack Hutchison photo

2016 grant for $224,000 for Crooked Fork watershed restoration.

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