Tennessee Landforms -- waterfalls
35.192710 -85.298280
35° 11.563'N 85° 17.897'W
35° 11' 33.8"N 85° 17' 53.8"W
16S 654928E 3895740N
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Stairway Falls 150'

Waypoint: HMF032 35.192710,-85.298280
County: Hamilton   landforms of Hamilton county
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Reference and photos: Christopher Lewis, Daniel Jack Hutchison

Christopher says "There's 5 drops of 20 feet or more in a very short distance on an unnamed branch of the creek.  The 30 foot straight drop at the top of the ridge is the largest single drop. Because of how they stack perfectly like on a stairway, we have dubbed the whole thing Stairway to Heaven Falls. Pictured first is the top drop of 30 feet, followed by the lowest drop of 20 feet." GPS coordinates of lowest drop.

upper falls, 30'
lower falls, 20'

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