Tennessee Landforms -- arches and natural bridges
35.260800 -85.914000
35° 15.648'N 85° 54.84'W
35° 15' 38.9"N 85° 54' 50.4"W
16S 598786E 3902506N
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Roark Cove Arches

Waypoint: FRA008 35.260800,-85.914000
County: Franklin   landforms of Franklin county
Locale: private
NABSQNO 16S-598786-3902506
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The waypoint is for a small limestone span, but there is a larger arch (2nd photo) whose location is unknown. Larger arch photograph appeared in real-estate listing for property 039 017.04 (blue blazes). Also see property on google map

location somewhere on property...

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