Tennessee Landforms -- balds
35.564200 -83.728500
35° 33.852'N 83° 43.71'W
35° 33' 51.1"N 83° 43' 42.6"W
17S 252710E 3939040N
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Spence Field 4887'

Waypoint: BTB004 35.564200,-83.728500
County: Blount   landforms of Blount county
Locale: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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Spence Field at one time was over 200 acres of meadow. Farmers drove their livestock up Bote Mountain road, and James Spence would tend the animals from May til September. The Park service ended the high country grazing in 1936. See Dutch Roth 1930 photo and Wikipedia info.

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