OWSR Landforms

Waypoint Landform County
MGF003 Double Drop Falls 8' Morgan
MGF020 Four Mile Creek Falls 60' Morgan
MGF014 Gordon Branch Falls (2) 19' Morgan
MGF005 Jacks Rock Falls 8' Morgan
MGF007 Melton Mill Br. Falls 30' Morgan
MGF019 Nemory Falls 30' Morgan
MGA001 Barnett's Rib 60x50 Morgan
MGA004 Hegler Arches 50x50 Morgan
MGA005 Lilly Point Arch 10x15 Morgan
MGA011 Nemo Tunnel 2174' Morgan
MGA012 Stone Arch 6x6 Morgan
MGA017 Tunnel 19 762' Morgan
MGA018 Tunnel 20 Morgan
MGA016 Tunnel 22 Morgan
MGA015 Tunnel 23 1945' Morgan
MGA006 Waltman Archette 5x1 Morgan
MGR002 Devil's Breakfast Table 40' Morgan
MGR003 Hegler Chimney 30' Morgan

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