CNF Landforms

Waypoint Landform County
CTF001 Blue Hole Falls (4) 45' Carter
CTF023 Bubbling Cauldron Falls 18' Carter
CTF022 Clarke Creel Falls Carter
CTF002 Coon Den Falls 100' Carter
CTF018 Hardcore Cascades 20' Carter
CTF017 Hays Branch Falls 18' Carter
CTF006 Jones Falls 100' Carter
CTF014 Mountaineer Falls 20' Carter
CTF012 N. Fork Stony Cr. Falls (5) 30' Carter
CTF009 Twisting Falls 30' Carter
CTF013 Splash Dam Falls 25' Carter
CTF021 Stone Mtn Br Cascade 10' Carter
COF004 Buzzard Roost Falls 130' Cocke
COF005 Dry Branch Cascade 30' Cocke
COF002 Wolf Creek Falls 30' Cocke
GEF015 Bailey Falls 50' Greene
GEF014 Camp Creek Falls 150' Greene
GEF001 Davis Creek (Mary's) Falls 45' Greene
GEF002 Dudley Falls 15' Greene
GEF003 Glen Falls 8' Greene
GEF008 Jennings Creek Falls (3) 10' Greene
GEF004 Kelley Falls 20' Greene
GEF005 Margarette Falls 60' Greene
GEF006 Petes Branch Falls 45' Greene
GEF011 Round Knob Br Falls 10' Greene
GEF012 Sarvis Creek Cascades Greene
GEF016 Spruce Thicket Falls(4) 20' Greene
GEF007 Squibb Creek Falls 25' Greene
JOF001 Gentry Creek Falls 40' Johnson
JOF002 Backbone Falls 40' Johnson
JOF003 Backbone Br Cascade 10' Johnson
JOF004 Boof Falls? 12' Johnson
JOF005 Watauga Falls? 18' Johnson
JOF007 Whetstone Branch Falls Johnson
MOF001 Baby Falls 15' Monroe
MOF018 Bald River Cascade 10' Monroe
MOF002 Bald River Falls 90' Monroe
MOF021 Ballplay Falls 45' Monroe
MOF050 Basin Branch Falls(3) 30' Monroe
MOF032 Basin Creek Falls 50' Monroe
MOF003 Brookshire Cr Falls 9' Monroe
MOF037 Buck Branch Falls 8' Monroe
MOF006 Conasauga Falls 35' Monroe
MOF010 Crowder Branch Cascade Monroe
MOF043 Culvert Cascade 40' Monroe
MOF048 Davis Creek Falls 35' Monroe
MOF033 Doublecamp Cascades(3) Monroe
MOF008 Falls Branch Falls 55' Monroe
MOF041 FS35 Falls 10' Monroe
MOF046 Gold Cabin Br Falls 90' Monroe
MOF053 Ike Camp Br Falls Monroe
MOF022 Jake Best Creek Cascade 100' Monroe
MOF034 Johns Creek Falls 50' Monroe
MOF019 Kahuna Falls 10' Monroe
MOF009 Lower Falls 15' Monroe
MOF044 Meadow Branch Falls 25' Monroe
MOF038 Miller Mine Falls 100' Monroe
MOF011 N. Fork Citico Falls(3) 60' Monroe
MOF052 Panther Br Falls 15' Monroe
MOF005 S. Fork Citico Cascades Monroe
MOF023 North River Falls 9' Monroe
MOF020 Shallow Falls 15' Monroe
MOF012 Suislide 35' Monroe
MOF045 Tobe Creek Cascade 14' Monroe
MOF017 Torino Falls 12' Monroe
MOF013 Towee Falls 35' Monroe
MOF040 Turkey Creek Mtn Cascade 100' Monroe
MOF042 Turkey Creek upper Cascade 40' Monroe
MOF035 Turkeypen Falls 25' Monroe
MOF014 Upper Bald River Falls 15' Monroe
MOF015 Yellow Creek Falls(3) 25' Monroe
MOF039 Walnut Grove Falls 10' Monroe
MOF047 Wildcat Creek Falls Monroe
MOF016 Wildcat Falls (4) 20' Monroe
MOF051 Xander Kai Falls 80' Monroe
MOF049 Kamama Falls 17' Monroe
POF007 Alaculsy Falls 30' Polk
POF001 Benton Falls 65' Polk
POF011 Big Bluff Falls 16' Polk
POF010 Chestnut Mountain Falls 40' Polk
POF013 Coker Creek Falls (4) 45' Polk
POF026 Diamond Falls 8' Polk
POF021 Elora Falls 20' Polk
POF014 Goforth Falls Polk
POF008 Graham Branch Falls 10' Polk
POF017 Left Prong Falls 30' Polk
POF004 Lower Turtletown Falls 55' Polk
POF003 Lowry Falls 10' Polk
POF020 Oasis Falls 30' Polk
POF025 Phoenix Falls 8' Polk
POF005 Pressley Cove Falls 5' Polk
POF024 Right Angle Falls 9' Polk
POF019 Rim Rock Falls 25' Polk
POF015 Rock Creek Falls 20' Polk
POF012 Rockhouse Twin Falls 20' Polk
POF018 Rogers Branch Falls(2) 15' Polk
POF022 Silvermine Cr Falls 20' Polk
POF028 Sleeping Owl Falls 25' Polk
POF023 Spring Falls Br 40' Polk
POF009 Thornburg Ridge Falls 25' Polk
POF006 Turtletown Falls 25' Polk
POF027 Ultisol Falls 9' Polk
SUF002 Sulphur Spring Br. Falls Sullivan
UCF037 Burchfield Camp Falls 12' Unicoi
UCF009 California Creek Falls 15' Unicoi
UCF022 California Creek Falls (u) 10' Unicoi
UCF018 Clear Branch Falls (3) 40' Unicoi
UCF023 Cody Falls 40' Unicoi
UCF025 Coyote Falls 35' Unicoi
UCF020 Delsatch Falls 85' Unicoi
UCF026 Devil Fork Falls 10' Unicoi
UCF008 Dick Creek Falls (2) 22' Unicoi
UCF024 Hell Hollow Falls (2) 20' Unicoi
UCF032 Josiah Falls (3) 25' Unicoi
UCF007 Lower Higgins Cr Falls(3+) 100' Unicoi
UCF021 Long Arm Br Falls 60' Unicoi
UCF010 Martin Creek Falls 20' Unicoi
UCF015 Pine Ridge Falls 25' Unicoi
UCF003 Red Fork Falls(8) 60' Unicoi
UCF034 Rock Creek Cataract 40' Unicoi
UCF004 Rock Creek Falls 50' Unicoi
UCF002 Rock Creek Falls (l) 30' Unicoi
UCF014 Rock Creek Falls (m) 15' Unicoi
UCF033 Rock Creek SB Falls 15' Unicoi
UCF027 Rocky Fork Falls 10' Unicoi
UCF019 Small Falls 15' Unicoi
UCF035 Wilderness Falls 150' Unicoi
WSF003 Painter Creek Falls 200' Washington
WSF010 Savannah Falls 14' Washington
WSF005 S. Fork Painter Cr Falls 15' Washington
GEA001 Spruce Thicket Arch 2x1 Greene
POA001 Thornburg Bridge 23x6 Polk
MOL004 Indian Boundary Lake Monroe
MOL005 Mulberry Lake Monroe
POL003 Campbell Cove Lake Polk
POL002 McCamy Lake Polk
UCL001 Birchfield Camp Lake Unicoi
COR001 Buzzard Roost Cocke
CTB001 Grassy Ridge Bald 6160' Carter
CTB002 Hump Mountain 5280' Carter
CTB003 Jane Bald 5750' Carter
CTB004 Little Hump Mountain 5440' Carter
CTB005 Round Bald 5800' Carter
GEB003 Ball Ground Bald 4780' Greene
GEB002 Camp Creek Bald 4844' Greene
GEB001 Coldspring Mountain 4800' Greene
JOB001 Rogers Ridge 4800' Johnson
MOB001 Beaverdam Bald 4259' Monroe
MOB002 Whigg Meadow 4960' Monroe
POB001 Buck Bald 2348' Polk
UCB001 Beauty Spot 4497' Unicoi
UCB003 Big Bald 5517' Unicoi
UCB002 Pleasant Garden 4840' Unicoi
CTP001 Roan High Knob 6285' Carter

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