Tennessee Lakes

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253 lakes
Waypoint Lake County Locale
WLL001 Ackers Lake Wilson
DIL006 Acorn Lake Dickson state park
SRL001 Anderson Lake Sumner
WIL001 Ashbaugh Lake Williamson
JEL001 Ault Lake Jefferson
MTL001 Barkley Lake Montgomery info
STL001 Barkley Lake Stewart
HML001 Baylor Lake Hamilton
SHL001 Beaver Lake Shelby
HEL001 Beech Lake Henderson
LUL001 Bee Lake Lauderdale
MIL001 Bennett Lake Marion blueway
HYL001 Berson Lake Haywood
LUL002 Bettis Lake Lauderdale
MNL001 Big Hill Pond McNairy state park
OBL001 Big Lake Obion
UNL002 Big Ridge Lake Union state park
UCL001 Birchfield Camp Lake Unicoi CNF
DYL001 Bishops Lake Dyer
MDL001 Blair Lake Madison
LAL001 Blue Basin Lake Lake
RUL001 Blue Water Lake Rutherford
HYL002 Bond Cutoff Lake Haywood
SUL001 Boone Lake Sullivan
HML008 Boston Branch Lake Hamilton
DYL002 Brackens Lake Dyer
HYL003 Bradford Lake Haywood
HHL001 Briarpatch Lake Henry
MUL001 Brookside Lake Maury
MIL002 Browns Lake Marion
HEL005 Brown's Lake Henderson state park
HRL001 Brush Lake Hardeman
PUL001 Buck Lake Putnam
HYL004 Bullpen Lake Haywood
PUL004 Burgess Falls Lake Putnam state park
DAL001 Bush Lake Davidson
HRL002 Butler Lake Hardeman
MOL001 Calderwood Lake Monroe
POL003 Campbell Cove Lake Polk CNF
PUL005 Cane Creek Lake Putnam
HYL005 Cannon Lake Haywood
HEL002 Cedar Lake Henderson
DKL001 Center Hill Lake DeKalb info
LUL003 Champion Lake Lauderdale
HYL006 Chaney Lake Haywood
CHL001 Cheatham Lake Cheatham info
DAL002 Cheek Lake Davidson
HAL001 Cherokee Lake Hamblen
ROL001 Cherrolake Lake Roane
FRL004 Cheston Lake Franklin
HML002 Chickamauga Lake Hamilton
BTL001 Chilhowee Lake Blount
LUL004 Chisholm Lake Lauderdale
CRL001 Clear Lake Carroll
HRL003 Clover Lakes Hardeman
SHL002 Cockleburr Lake Shelby
HYL007 Coffee Lake Haywood
HYL008 Cogshell Lake Haywood
LUL005 Convict Lake Lauderdale
SML001 Cordell Hull Lake Smith info
TIL001 Corona Lake Tipton
TIL002 Cotton Lake Tipton
DAL009 Couchville Lake Davidson state park
CAL001 Cove Lake Campbell state park
MOL002 Craighead Lake Monroe
DIL005 Creech Hollow Lake Dickson state park
LUL006 Crutcher Lake Lauderdale
SRL002 Crutcher Lake Sumner
KNL001 Crystal Lake Knox
HEL007 Cub Creek Lake Henderson state park
CUL001 Cumberland Mountain Lake Cumberland
MIL003 Cummings Lake Marion
HYL009 Cutoff Lake Haywood
CYL001 Dale Hollow Lake Clay info
HML003 Dallas Lake Hamilton
LWL004 David Crockett Lake Lawrence state park
MIL004 Davis Lake Marion
GEL001 Davy Crockett Lake Greene
KNL002 Dead Horse Lake Knox
WHL001 Doe Creek Lake White
HEL003 Dogwood Lake Henderson
JEL002 Douglas Lake Jefferson
HYL010 Drain Lake Haywood
FRL001 Duncan Lake Franklin
HRL004 Duncan Lake Hardeman
DYL003 Dunham Lake Dyer
SHL003 Eagle Lake Shelby
DYL004 Everett Lake Dyer
VBL001 Fall Cr. Falls Lake VanBuren state park
CLL001 Fern Lake Claiborne
BRL001 Fillauer Lake Bradley
LUL007 Fletcher Lake Lauderdale
LUL008 Forked Lake Lauderdale
DYL005 Forked Lake Dyer
LOL002 Fort Loudon Lake Loudon
LUL018 Fort Pillow Lake Lauderdale state park
SUL003 Ft Patrick Henry Lake Sullivan
WIL002 Gary Lake Williamson
DAL003 Glen Echo Lake Davidson
GLL001 Godfrey Lake Giles
DYL006 Goose Lake Dyer
SHL004 Grassy Lake Shelby
LUL009 Grassy Lake Lauderdale
LAL002 Gray Duck Hole Lake Lake
WAL002 Great Falls Lake Warren tva
CFL001 Green Lake Coffee
GUL001 Grundy Lakes Grundy
OBL002 Guy Jones Lake Obion
HYL011 Hart Lake 1 Haywood
HYL012 Hart Lake 2 Haywood
DIL001 Hava-Lakatu Lakes Dickson
FAL001 Herb Parsons Lake Fayette
JEL003 Hodges Lake Jefferson
HRL005 Horseshoe Lake Hardeman
HYL013 Horseshoe Lake Haywood
HYL014 Horseshoe Lake Haywood
HYL015 Horseshoe Lake Haywood
DYL007 Horseshoe Lake Dyer
OBL003 Horseshoe Lake Obion
BRL002 Hughes Lake Bradley
DYL008 Hushpucket Lake Dyer
MOL004 Indian Boundary Lake Monroe CNF
CRL002 Isabel Lake Carroll
CFL002 Ivy Lake Coffee
HYL016 Jacks Lake Haywood
HYL017 Johnson Lake Haywood
LUL010 Johnson Lake Lauderdale
DAL004 J. Percy Priest Lake Davidson info
HML004 Junior Lake Hamilton
WAL001 Karen Lake Warren
LAL003 Katies Gourd Lake Lake
HHL002 Kentucky Lake Henry LBL
KNL003 Kirby Lake Knox
BTL002 Lake in the Sky Blount
STL002 Lake Kyle Stewart
MTL002 Lake Taal Montgomery
LWL001 Laurel Hill Lake Lawrence
CFL003 Liberty Lake Coffee
LUL011 Little Champion Lake Lauderdale
LUL012 Little Mud Lake Lauderdale
HRL006 Little Pigeon Lake Hardeman
RUL002 Lockwood Lake Rutherford
HYL018 Long Lake Haywood
OBL004 Long Lake Obion
LUL013 Lost Lake Lauderdale
DAL005 Louise Lake Davidson
LWL002 Lourdes Lake Lawrence
SHL005 Lyles Lake Shelby
SHL006 Marie Lake Shelby
DAL006 Marrowbone Lake Davidson
KNL004 Mary Ella Lake Knox
HAL002 Masengill Lake Hamblen
HYL019 Matthews Lake Haywood
HML005 McCallie Lake Hamilton
POL002 McCamy Lake Polk CNF
SHL007 McKellar Lake Shelby
TIL003 McLaughlin Lake Tipton
DAL007 Meadowbrook Lake Davidson
CUL002 Meadow Park Lake Cumberland
ANL001 Melton Hill Lake Anderson
SHL008 Memphis Lake Shelby
FEL001 Mineral Lake Fentress
DYL009 Mitchell Lake Dyer
PUL002 Monterey Lake Putnam
HML006 Montlake Lake Hamilton
HYL020 Moody Lake Haywood
HYL021 Moon Lake Haywood
WSL001 Moore Lake Washington
HYL022 Moores Lake Haywood
SHL009 Mosquito Lake Shelby
SHL010 Mud Lake Shelby
MOL005 Mulberry Lake Monroe CNF
MIL005 Nickajack Lake Marion
CFL004 Normandy Lake Coffee TVA
UNL001 Norris Lake Union state park
SHL011 North Horn Lake Shelby
POL001 Ocoee(Parksville) Lake Polk
SRL003 Old Hickory Lake Sumner info
DYL010 Old River Lake Dyer
LUL014 Open Lake Lauderdale
CFL007 Ovoca Lake Coffee
PIL001 Pickett Lake Pickett state park
HDL001 Pickwick Lake Hardin state park
SHL012 Piersol Lake Shelby
FAL002 Pine Lake Fayette
HEL004 Pin Oak Lake Henderson state park
HRL007 Pipkin Lake Hardeman
PEL001 Poole Lake Perry
HYL023 Powell Lake Haywood
HYL024 Powell Lakes Haywood
CRL003 Presely Lake Carroll
TIL004 Pumpkin Lake Tipton
MUL002 Quarry Lake Maury
PUL003 Quinland Lake Putnam
MIL007 Raccoon Mtn Reservoir Marion TVA
DAL008 Radnor Lake Davidson SNA
HML007 Rainbow Lake Hamilton
WYL001 Rainbow Lake Wayne
HEL006 Redbud Lake Henderson
LAL004 Reelfoot Lake Lake state park
DYL011 Rhodes Lake Dyer
CFL005 Rigney Lake Coffee
CTL001 Ripshin Lake Carter
SHL013 Robco Lake Shelby
SHL014 Robertson Lake Shelby
HYL025 Round Hole Lake Haywood
SHL015 Round Lake Shelby
TIL005 Round Lake Tipton
DYL012 Round Lake Dyer
GLL002 Sanders Lake Giles
HYL026 Selaris Lake Haywood
CFL006 Shay Lake Coffee
HYL027 Shepard Lake Haywood
TIL006 Shingle Lake Tipton
MDL002 Silver Moon Lake Madison
MIL006 Snake Pond Marion
SUL002 South Holston Lake Sullivan
WHL002 Spain Lake White
HUL001 Spring Lake Humphreys
LAL005 Staen Hole Lake Lake
OVL001 Standing Stone Lake Overton state park
LAL006 Starve Pond Lake
DIL002 Stewarts Lake Dickson
TIL007 Sullivan Lake Tipton
LUL015 Sunk Lake Lauderdale TNA
HYL028 Swan Lake Haywood
LUL016 Swan Lake Lauderdale
CUL003 Tanasi Lake Cumberland
SHL016 Tanya Lake Shelby
MOL003 Tellico Lake Monroe
LOL001 Tellico Lake Loudon
FRL002 Tims Ford Lake Franklin
WIL003 Tomlin Lake Williamson
MNL002 Travis McNatt Lake McNairy state park
JEL004 Tuckahoe Creek Jefferson natural area
CFL008 Tullahoma Lake Coffee
CRL004 Twin Lakes Carroll
KNL005 Twin Lakes Knox
DIL003 Twin Lakes Dickson
LWL003 VFW Lake Lawrence
RBL001 Wartrace Lake Robertson
CTL002 Watauga Lake Carter story
RHL001 Watts Bar Lake Rhea
HYL029 Wesley Lakes Haywood
HUL002 Whery Lake Humphreys
CTL003 Wilbur Lake Carter info
SHL017 Williams Lake Shelby
SHL018 Willow Lake Shelby
TIL008 Willow Lake Tipton
WHL003 Wonder Lake White
DIL004 Woodhaven Lake Dickson state park
LUL017 Wood Lake Lauderdale
FRL003 Woods Reservoir Franklin
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Lakes and such by county

The waypoint is just somewhere on the lake. Tennessee has over 60,000 stream miles and some 540,000 lake acres. The table above lists only the larger TN lakes, there are actually more than 1000 listed (with coordinates) in the USGS TN data file. Reelfoot Lake is the largest "natural" lake. Nearby mountain lakes (full pool/winter level) in NC include Fontana Lake )(1708/1650), Lake Cheoah (1276/1150), Hiwassee Lake (1525/1480), Apalachia lake (1280/1275), Waterville Lake (2258') aka Walters Lake, and Santeelah Lake. See boating access info for western NC lakes. Other nearby mountain lakes include Lake Jocassee 1110' and its waterfalls, Nantahala Lake 3013/2260, Thorpe Reservoir (Glenville Lake, 3492/3003), Bear Creek Reservoir and neighboring reservoirs. See Duke Power lake levels and Nantahala area. Also Cascade Lake in Dupont State Forest.

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