Great Smoky Mountains National Park Landforms

Landform Waypoint County
Abrams Falls 25' BTF001 Blount
Anchor Arch 4x3 BTA003 Blount
Andrews Bald 5920' NCB001 NC
Arch Rock 6x12 SVA001 Sevier
Baskins Falls 40' SVF001 Sevier
Big Boy Falls 35' NCF014 NC
Big Branch Falls SVF030 Sevier
Big Cataloochee 6155' NCP001 NC
Big Chestnut Bald 4880' SVB001 Sevier
Blanket Mountain 4609' SVP013 Sevier
Blockhouse Mountain 5470' NCP009 NC
Boulevard Prong Falls SVF028 Sevier
Brushy Mountain 4911' SVP014 Sevier
Bull Rib 12x20 BTA006 Blount
Bull Sink 122' BTS001 Blount
Bunker Hill Br Cascade 16' BTF033 Blount
Cane Creek Twin Falls 8' BTF012 Blount
Cannon Creek Falls(3) SVF027 Sevier
Cataract Falls 25' SVF002 Sevier
Charlies Bunion SVR004 Sevier
Chasteen Creek Cascade 30' NCF001 NC
Chimney Tops SVR001 Sevier
Cliff Branch Falls 12' NCF028 NC
Clingmans Dome 6643' SVP001 Sevier
Cole Creek Falls SVF031 Sevier
Courthouse Rock 45' SVR002 Sevier
Cranberry Creek Falls NCF030 Cherokee
Crooked Arm Falls 25' BTF004 Blount
Dome Falls 90' SVF015 Sevier
Enloe Creek Falls 25' NCF033 NC
Eye of the Needle 4x3 SVA002 Sevier
Fern Branch Falls 60' SVF003 Sevier
Fish Camp Cascades 8' SVF016 Sevier
Flat Creek Falls 200' NCF002 NC
Forney Creek Cascade 230' NCF003 NC
Fort Harry Falls 90' SVF020 Sevier
Garner Falls 25' BTF027 Blount
Grass Patch Br Falls 80' SVF053 Sevier
Grayback Falls 13' SVF051 Sevier
Greenbrier Pinnacle 4597' SVP015 Sevier
Gregory Bald 4949' BTB001 Blount
Grotto Falls 25' SVF004 Sevier
Gunter Fork Cascade 150' NCF004 NC
Gunter Fork Falls 13' NCF024 NC
Hazel Creek Cascade NCF005 NC
Hemphill Bald 5520' NCB002 NC
Hen Wallow Falls 45' COF001 Cocke
High Rocks NCR001 NC
Hitchin Post Falls 28' NCF025 NC
Honey Cove Falls 20' BTF011 Blount
Honey Cove (upper) 15' SVF052 Sevier
Horseshoe Branch Falls SVF035 Sevier
Horseshoe Mountain 5288' SVP016 Sevier
Huggins Creek Cascade NCF019 NC
Huskey Branch Falls 8' SVF005 Sevier
Indian Camp Cr Cascade 15' COF003 Cocke
Indian Creek Falls 45' NCF006 NC
Indian Flats Falls 60' SVF012 Sevier
Jakes Creek Cascades SVF045 Sevier
Jonas Creek Falls 5' NCF022 NC
Juney Whank Falls 90' NCF007 NC
Laurel Falls 55' SVF006 Sevier
Ledge Creek Falls 12' NCF034 NC
Lester Prong Falls SVF036 Sevier
Little Bald 4960' NCB003 NC
Little Creek Falls 75' NCF008 NC
Little Laurel Br. Cascade 35' SVF024 Sevier
Little River Feeder 15' SVF040 Sevier
Little River Upper Falls 8' SVF048 Sevier
Loan Branch Cascade 9' BTF023 Blount
Look Rock BTR002 Blount
Lower Lynn Camp Falls 35' BTF003 Blount
Lowes Creek Falls SVF026 Sevier
Luftee Knob 6234' NCP002 NC
Lynn Camp Falls 30' SVF018 Sevier
Mannis Branch Falls 30' SVF013 Sevier
Marks Creek Falls 22' SVF023 Sevier
Marks Knob 6169' NCP003 NC
McFalls Branch Falls 30' COF006 Cocke
Meadow Branch Cascade 40' BTF019 Blount
Meigs Creek Cascade 18' SVF046 Sevier
Meigs Falls 30' BTF005 Blount
Meigs Post Falls 13' SVF014 Sevier
Midnight Hole Falls 6' NCF009 NC
Mill Creek Arch 2x8 BTA002 Blount
Mill Creek Cascade BTF010 Blount
Mingo Falls 120' NCF010 Cherokee
Moore Springs Br Falls 9' NCF018 NC
Mount Mingus 5802' SVP019 Sevier
Mouse Creek Falls 35' NCF011 NC
Mt Ambler 6120' SVP002 Sevier
Mt Buckley 6575' SVP003 Sevier
Mt Cammerer 4928' NCP004 NC
Mt Chapman 6417' SVP004 Sevier
Mt Collins 6188' SVP005 Sevier
Mt Guyot 6621' SVP006 Sevier
Mt Hardison 6134' NCP006 NC
Mt Kephart 6217' SVP007 Sevier
Mt Le Conte 6593' SVP008 Sevier
Mt Love 6446' SVP009 Sevier
Mt Sequoyah 6023' SVP010 Sevier
Mt Sterling 5842' NCP005 NC
Mt Yonaguska 6134' NCP007 NC
Newfound Tunnel 7x12 SVA006 Sevier
Noisy Creek Cascade 19' SVF041 Sevier
Noland Creek Falls 5' NCF032 NC
Nowhere Tunnel 1200' NCA001 NC
N. Trout Branch Falls SVF033 Sevier
Old Black 6370' SVP011 Sevier
Panther Branch Falls 20' COF011 Cocke
Panther Creek Falls 30' BTF002 Blount
Parson Bald 4732' BTB002 Blount
Porters Mountain 5571' SVP020 Sevier
Punchout Falls 80' NCF035 NC
Purchase Knob 5086' NCP008 NC
Rainbow Falls 75' SVF007 Sevier
Ramsay Branch Falls 30' SVF050 Sevier
Ramsay Cascades 65' SVF008 Sevier
Ramsey Creek Falls 8' SVF047 Sevier
Raven Fork Falls 8' NCF021 NC
Rhododendron Cr Falls (13) SVF025 Sevier
Rich Mountain 3686' BTP001 Blount
Road Turn Br Cascade 25' SVF039 Sevier
Rocky Top BTR001 Blount
Roundtop 3071' BTP002 Blount
Round Top 4308' SVP017 Sevier
Rowans Creek Falls 13' BTF009 Blount
Rush Branch Falls 20' BTF022 Blount
Russell Field 4300' BTB003 Blount
Sams Creek Cascade 20' BTF035 Blount
Shop Creek Falls 12' BTF026 Blount
Silers Bald 5607' SVB002 Sevier
Sliding Rock Cascade 8' BTF030 Blount
Smith Branch Cascade NCF036 NC
Soco Falls 50' NCF012 Cherokee
Spence Field 4887' BTB004 Blount
Spruce Flats Falls 30' BTF006 Blount
Spruce Mountain 5647' NCP010 NC
Steeltrap Cr Falls NCF037 NC
Sugar Cove Branch Falls 40' BTF028 Blount
Sweat Heifer Cascade(2) NCF029 NC
Sweet Branch Cascade 30' NCF027 NC
Talking Falls 15' SVF017 Sevier
Taywa Creek Cascade 30' NCF026 NC
Texas Creek Cascade 12' SVF049 Sevier
The Sinks 12' SVF009 Sevier
Thousand Drips 30' SVF010 Sevier
Thunderhead Mountain 5527' BTP003 Blount
Tomahawk Prong Falls 15' SVF021 Sevier
Tom Branch Falls 80' NCF013 NC
Trickling Falls 60' SVF019 Sevier
Tricorner Knob 6136' SVP012 Sevier
Trout Branch Falls SVF032 Sevier
Turkey Rock SVR003 Sevier
Twentymile Creek Cascade 18' NCF017 NC
Twin Falls 140' SVF022 Sevier
Upper Grotto Falls 30' SVF029 Sevier
Upper Mouse Cr 80' NCF015 NC
Upper N. Trout Branch Falls SVF034 Sevier
Upper Ramsay Cascades SVF044 Sevier
Upper W. Mouse Cr 35' NCF016 NC
Walker Fields Cascade 40' BTF034 Blount
Walkers Creek Falls NCF020 NC
War Branch Cascade 70' SVF042 Sevier
West Prong Falls 8' BTF007 Blount
Whiteoak Flats Branch Falls 8' BTF025 Blount
Whiteoak Sink 199' BTS002 Blount
Whiteoak Sink Falls 40' BTF008 Blount
Whiteoak Windows 2x3 BTA001 Blount
Wilson Falls 50' SVF011 Sevier
Woolly Tops 5480' SVP018 Sevier
Wrights Creek Falls 15' NCF031 Cherokee
Yanu Branch Cascade 100' NCF023 NC
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As a supplement to the landforms of Tennessee, the table above lists various landforms (waterfalls, peaks, balds, rock formations, sinkholes) in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina. Information on each landform includes maps, GPS waypoint (latitude/longitude), and the occasional picture. In the Smokies there are 17 peaks over 6000', 8 balds, 6 arches, 2 large sinkholes, and more than 90 waterfalls. The higest point in the park is Clingmans Dome (6643'), and the lowest point is along the park boundary with Chilhowee Lake (842'). Some of these landforms are off-trail, contact the Park Rangers regarding off-trail or manway ventures. Corrections and additions are welcomed. For more information see

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