Big South Fork Landforms
36.334970 -84.742255
36° 20.098'N 84° 44.535'W
36° 20' 5.9"N 84° 44' 32.1"W
16S 702637E 4023469N
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Bridge Rock 45x20

Waypoint: MGA002 36.334970,-84.742255
County: Morgan
Locale: Big South Fork
NABSQNO 16S-702637-4023469
USGS elevation
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References: JNAD:TENN-6, WAD:44.16, JNAD 14, Leslie Ellis/John Burns

Reachable by land or by canoe. Trail and stairs lead to this large bridge with picnic tables and a small waterfall nearby. A trail goes 200' to the North to the Clear Fork (36.3356 -84.74221 ) 'bout 4 miles downstream from Peters Bridge.

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