Big South Fork Landforms

Landforms Waypoint County
Adjoin Double Arch 9x2 SCA048 Scott
Alder Br fedder 13' SCF049 Scott
Anderson Falls 65' SCF029 Scott
Andy Arch 8x15 PIA043 Pickett
Angel Falls 7' SCF001 Scott
Angel Falls Arch 35x15 SCA001 Scott
Angel Falls Overlook 40' SCR003 Scott
Annie Br Arch(4) 44x17 KYA42 KY
Baby Grand Arch? SCA064 Scott
Bald Arch KYA2 KY
Bandy Cr Falls 45' SCF048 Scott
Bear Arch? KYA3 KY
Beautiful Falls 65' SCF047 Scott
Beaver Falls 20' SCF002 Scott
Belly Arch 20x2 SCA035 Scott
Ben Creek Arch 10x5 FEA002 Fentress
Ben Creek Archette 3x3 FEA011 Fentress
Betty Br Arch 70x20 SCA022 Scott
Betty Br Complex? SCA067 Scott
Betty Br Shelf Arch? SCA063 Scott
Big Br Double Arch? SCA059 Scott
Big Grub's Complex Arch 21x15 KYA37 KY
Big Spring Falls 40' KYF6 KY
Black House Arch 44x13 SCA016 Scott
Blackmail Arch? SCA065 Scott
Blevins Branch Falls 36' SCF023 Scott
Blevins Chimney 40' SCR009 Scott
BLue Herron Falls 25' KYF12 KY
Bob's Arch 12x10 SCA017 Scott
Boulder House Falls 12' SCF003 Scott
Bowtie Arch 2x10 PIA014 Pickett
Bridge Rock 45x20 MGA002 Morgan
Bridge Rock Falls 20' MGF011 Morgan
Bruce's Arch 12x5 SCA031 Scott
Buffalo Arch 80x20 KYA4 DBNF
Burnt Mill Cascade 12' SCF020 Scott
Burnt Mill Column 4x2 SCA044 Scott
Burnt Mill Falls 18' SCF025 Scott
Burnt Mill Shower 26' SCF019 Scott
Cap Rock 45' SCR001 Scott
Cap Rock Window 2x3 SCA021 Scott
Cathedral Arch 9x7 PIA023 Pickett
Christian Tunnel 120' FEA018 Fentress
Claw Arch KYA40 KY
Cliff Hugger Arch? SCA066 Scott
Clydesdale Arches? SCA050 Scott
Coal Branch NB 82x30 KYA44 DBNF
Coal Miner Falls 30' KYF11 KY
Confluence Arch 3x2 FEA062 Fentress
Coocoocachoo Arch 18x12 KYA38 KY
Cool Off Arch KYA34 DBNF
Coonpatch Ridge Arch2? KYA6 DBNF
Coonpatch Ridge Arch? KYA5 DBNF
Copperhead Arch 15x3 SCA024 Scott
Copperhead Falls 18' SCF015 Scott
Cowboy Arch 43x39 PIA002 Pickett
Cow Branch Arch 65x15 SCA015 Scott
Coy Falls 15' FEF027 Fentress
Cracked Foot Arch 17x4 FEA022 Fentress
Cracks in the Rock KYR2 KY
Craft Window? SCA070 Scott
Cranberry Falls 35' KYF7 KY
Creek Arch 10x8 SCA002 Scott
Crinkled Arch 6x4 PIA034 Pickett
Crooked Br Window 6x3 FEA043 Fentress
Crossover Chimney 20' FER002 Fentress
Dan Arch KYA7 KY
Dead Deer Arch 40x20 PIA004 Pickett
Devils Arch KYA9 KY
Devil's Cave 35x60 SCA036 Scott
Devils Den SCR010 Scott
Devils Falls 35' SCF042 Scott
Devils Shower 35' SCF043 Scott
Dick Gap Arch 7x3 KYA49 KY
Dick Gap Falls KYF5 KY
Diocese Arch 4x3 SCA045 Scott
Diocese Falls 25' SCF044 Scott
Double Falls SCF004 Scott
Double Ledge 26x10 KYA43 DBNF
Double L Falls 10' SCF037 Scott
Double Window 6x6 SCA038 Scott
Dragon Arch 30x12 PIA024 Pickett
Dripcicle Falls 9' KYF8 KY
Dripping Springs? 15' SCF028 Scott
Duckhead Arch? SCA062 Scott
East Rim Double Pane 3x4 SCA072 Scott
East Rim Tunnel 15x20 SCA071 Scott
Etta's Arch KYA41 KY
Exit Arch 30x11 PIA036 Pickett
Eyeball Arch 4x1 FEA033 Fentress
Fall Branch Falls 10' SCF005 Scott
Fiddler's Arch 45x10 FEA003 Fentress
Giger Arch? SCA061 Scott
Gobblers Arch 50x12 KYA10 DBNF
Golden Arches (triple) 80x50 PIA025 Pickett
Grand Branch Arch 25x15 SCA033 Scott
Grand Branch Chimney 9' SCR008 Scott
Grand Gap Chimney 35' SCR011 Scott
Half Bow Arch 14x7 PIA026 Pickett
Hammock Arch 7x6 FEA059 Fentress
Hanging Rock Arches 10x20 PIA001 Pickett
Hangover Arch 5x4 SCA037 Scott
Hatfield Ridge Arch 25x30 SCA004 Scott
Hatfield Ridge E. Arch 4x10 SCA018 Scott
Hickory Knob Arch 24x16 KYA11 DBNF
Hidden Arch 40x12 PIA027 Pickett
Hideout Falls 50' SCF006 Scott
Hippy Cave span FEA064 Fentress
Hole-in-rock Arch KYA12 KY
Hollow Rock Arch 60x8 KYA13 DBNF
Hollow Rock Br. Falls 30' SCF018 Scott
Hollow Rock Br NB 40x10 SCA039 Scott
Honeybee Arch KYA14 KY
Honey Creek Falls 20' SCF007 Scott
Honey Creek N Fork 40' SCF034 Scott
Honey Creek Slide 45' SCF033 Scott
Hoodoo 25' SCR013 Scott
Huling Arch 40x15 KYA15 KY
Hunchback Arch 30x5 PIA028 Pickett
Ice Castle Falls 40' SCF008 Scott
Incised Meander 130x25 FEA017 Fentress
Indian Rock Br feeder Falls 25' SCF032 Scott
Jacks Br Cascade 25' SCF045 Scott
Jakes Arch 3x3 SCA014 Scott
Jakes Chimney 5x25 PIA016 Pickett
Jakes Falls 40' SCF024 Scott
Jim Dick 77x12 KYA23 KY
Jones Br Falls(2) 9' KYF10 KY
Joy Falls 70' SCF017 Scott
Jug Complex? SCA068 Scott
Jug Handle Arch 2x5 SCA042 Scott
Julia Lynn Falls KYF4 KY
Jumble Falls 8' SCF027 Scott
Kamtt Tunnel 2x10 SCA074 Scott
Koger Arch 91x18 KYA17 DBNF
Laurel Branch Falls 20' KYF13 KY
Laurel Fork Arch? 6x2 FEA049 Fentress
Laurel Span 30x30 FEA040 Fentress
Leatherwood Cascade 35' SCF038 Scott
Lick Creek Falls 78' KYF3 KY
Little Gap Falls 8' KYF15 KY
Longfield Arch? SCA058 Scott
Lookup Arch 4x6 SCA028 Scott
Lost Arch KYA18 KY
Lost Arch 3x2 PIA044 Pickett
Lost Chimney 15' PIR001 Pickett
Markers Arch 45x10 KYA29 DBNF
Massey Branch Falls 9' SCF026 Scott
Massey Window 3x2 SCA049 Scott
Matt D's Arch 40x15 SCA019 Scott
Maude's Arch 2x2 SCA005 Scott
Maude's Crack SCR002 Scott
Meditation Arch 12x3 FEA063 Fentress
Middle Creek Arch 14x18 PIA033 Pickett
Mill Cr. Arch 20x13 PIA021 Pickett
Molar Arch 2x3 SCA032 Scott
Moonshine Falls 10' SCF009 Scott
Mosquito Arch 6x3 KYA35 KY
Mossy Falls 10' KYF9 KY
Muleshoe Hollow Arch 9x4 SCA053 Scott
Nancys Tunnel 20' SCA075 Scott
Narrow Window 6x2 KYA48 KY
Natural Arch 100x60 KYA30 DBNF
Needle Arch 35x13 PIA013 Pickett
Needles Eye 10x4 SCA026 Scott
Nee High Arch 30x3 SCA006 Scott
Negro Creek Arch? KYA19 KY
New Arch KYA31 KY
Noah's Arch 55x20 PIA029 Pickett
No Business Butte SCR007 Scott
Oby's Double Arch 50x18 FEA014 Fentress
Ocad window 2x2 KYA16 KY
OnW Falls 25' SCF041 Scott
Passed By Arch 35x17 KYA47 KY
Percolator Arch? SCA052 Scott
Pillar Arch KYA20 KY
Pine Creek Falls 9' SCF016 Scott
Post Rock Arch 12x6 SCA047 Scott
Potter Branch Double Arch 31x16 SCA008 Scott
Princess Falls KYF2 KY
Pumphouse Br Falls 15' FEF023 Fentress
Pumphouse feeder Falls 12' FEF024 Fentress
Rattler Arch 15x10 KYA21 KY
Rhino Foot Arch? SCA060 Scott
Robbers Roost Arch 23x7 KYA22 DBNF
Rockhouse Br Arch 50x20 FEA010 Fentress
Rockhouse Br Overpass 18x20 FEA039 Fentress
Rogers Falls 10' KYF16 KY
Root Falls 8' SCF013 Scott
Rugby Falls 6' SCF010 Scott
Russell Arch 100x30 SCA010 Scott
Rusty Falls 15' FEF022 Fentress
Sampson's Pillar Arch KYA33 KY
Sandy Tunnel Arch 7x4 PIA035 Pickett
Scorpio Arch 27x15 PIA022 Pickett
Secluded Falls 20' SCF011 Scott
Shadowline Arch 7x2 SCA041 Scott
Sheep Twin 21x41 KYA46 KY
Sheer Falls 50' SCF014 Scott
Skull Creek Falls 9' SCF021 Scott
Sky High Arch 30x50 PIA030 Pickett
Skylight Arch KYA32 KY
Slave Falls 70' PIF003 Pickett
Slavens Br Arch? KYA8 KY
Sliver Arch 10x31 PIA037 Pickett
South Fork Falls 12' FEF014 Fentress
Split Bow Arch 50x34 KYA24 KY
Staircase Falls 11' SCF040 Scott
Startling Falls 65' KYF14 KY
Station Camp Chimneys 25' SCR004 Scott
Station Camp leaners SCA025 Scott
Station Camp N. Chimney 40' SCR005 Scott
Station Camp Rocks SCR006 Scott
Station Camp Window 4x3 SCA011 Scott
Step Falls 30' SCF012 Scott
Stepthru Arch 9x8 SCA029 Scott
Stepup Arch 3x3 SCA020 Scott
Sunroof Arch 5x3 KYA36 KY
Sunset Slot 300' SCA076 Scott
Switchback Falls 20' SCF035 Scott
Sympatico Falls 10' FEF025 Fentress
Terry Lynn Arch 12x3 SCA073 Scott
The Slit 2x25 SCA027 Scott
Tiny Twin Arch KYA45 KY
Top Hat 60' FER001 Fentress
Triangle Arch KYA25 KY
Triple Arch 30x15 SCA012 Scott
Triple Step Falls 14' SCF039 Scott
Triplet Arch 12x18 KYA26 KY
Tubeway Triple 11x4 SCA040 Scott
Turtleback Falls 6' SCF036 Scott
Twin Arches 92x70 SCA013 Scott
Twister Arch? 2x6 SCA051 Scott
Untold Arch 22x6 SCA069 Scott
Upper Molar Arch 26x8 SCA030 Scott
Wagon Arch 34x13 KYA27 KY
W Bandy Cr Falls 12' SCF046 Scott
Welder Arch 5x3 SCA046 Scott
Wildcat Den Arch 33x9 FEA004 Fentress
Wolf Nugget Arch 6x3 KYA39 KY
Wrong Arch 30x12 FEA019 Fentress
Yahoo Arch 70x17 KYA28 DBNF
Yahoo Falls 113' KYF1 DBNF
Yellow Cliff Window SCA023 Scott
Zenith Arch 20x5 FEA038 Fentress
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As a supplement to the landforms of Tennessee, the table above has waypoints, maps, and some pictures of landforms of the Big South Fork. The table includes more than 20 waterfalls, over 100 arches, and a dozen rock chimneys from Tennessee and Kentucky, and includes some nearby landforms in the Daniel Boone National Forest (DBNF). Some of the landforms are off-trail. Most the locations in TN have been visited with a GPS. The location data for some of the KY landforms could be way off.... additions and corrections are welcomed. The list continues to grow! For additional information see:

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