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elevation at map center (35.8087,-87.4819) and nearby landforms/waypoint popup list

(You need to have java enabled in your browser and have the latest JRE from java.com. Is java running on my computer? -- test) This is an experimental map that will display all the landform waypoints in the field of view using USGS maps or aerial images. Mouse will be tracked with UTM or lat/lon coordinates (WGS84). If you click and drag with the left button, you get a distance tool (meters and miles and bearing) and you can select either straight line distance or track distance as you drag the mouse. Final distance data and area (if tracking) is shown on the status bar and also logged to the Java console.

If you move the mouse over waypoint marks, the name and description will popup. When you left-click, a small red square inidcates the center of a new map that will be fetched if you click on New Map. If you click button3 (or button2) on a waypoint an info popup is displayed, then a new page will be fetched that describes the waypoint. You can also choose one of four different map scales and several map types (topo, image, mapquest), and you can turn off the waypoint label to reduce clutter.

This requires Java and javascript on the client, and uses PHP on the host. You may need to fetch the latest JRE from java.com. You might take a look at your browser's Java console. This display is using WGS84, the UTM 1km grid lines are approximately correct but will not match NAD27 UTM grid lines on the USGS map.

You may be able to print this page with Internet Explorer but not with Netscape ... sigh. You can always do a screen capture and print that. Much of the functionality of these Java maps is now provided with Google's maps, see my Google maps     arches     falls     GSMNP     BSF     towers     AT shelters     greenways     pellissippi blueway    TN map.

Many things to add

provide more options (dialog?) landform buttons (check boxes) labeling options dot,waypoint,name, color? print option (send gif to server to create new html ??), or signed jar file
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