Tennessee lookout towers
35.4659 -85.4835
35° 27.954'N 85° 29.01'W
35° 27' 57.2"N 85° 29' 0.6"W
16S 637599E 3925768N
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Waypoint: SQT002 35.4659,-85.4835
County: Sequatchie
Elevation: 2231'
Info: moved
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relocated to Jakes Mountain,

Ron Stafford reports, " Per Jack McCarty, retired Sequatchie County Area Forester: SQT002 Bowater and SQT003 Price Mountain were both owned/operated by Bowater's timber division, also, both were called Price Mountain. SQT002 was the original tower location, sometime between 1979 and 1985 it was relocated to SQT003 which was in front of Bowater's local office on Highway 399. Then circa 2001 it was sold to James Studer as a communications tower and relocated to the SQT005 location on Jakes Mountain. "

Tennessee lookout towers
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