Tennessee lookout towers
35.76368 -84.8838
35° 45.821'N 84° 53.028'W
35° 45' 49.3"N 84° 53' 1.7"W
16S 691309E 3959803N
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Spring City

Waypoint: RHT003 35.76368,-84.8838
County: Rhea
Elevation: 1826'
Info: removed
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Reference: Chris Oliver, USGS topo, on Tower Rd.

Chris reports "The only thing left is the old fire pit and a pile of concrete that they dug out. Talked to the adjacent property owners and they said it was called Johnsons Stand Fire Tower. Said it was tore down in the late 50s early 60s. And that it was constructed of wood...not metal."

Tennessee lookout towers
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