Not many members are aware of the fact that the aeronautical charts that pilots use, called "Sectionals" depict fire tower on the charts. These were put on the chart many years ago (50's) and never taken off. They were considered a navigation reference point for the "Lookout side the window pilots." As a seaplane pilot and a person interested in fire towers I made it a point to look for the fire towers while patrolling for forest fires. I will tell you, they are very hard to see and not very good for a visual reference point.

Looking at the photo of the aeronautical map with this report, the "Red Arrow" points at a circle with triangle in the in the middle. This marking/logo is a fire tower. They have never been updated and just left on the maps over the years. It is easer to leave them on the chart than take them off. Consider going to your nearest airport and purchasing an Sectional Chart for your area to see where the old fire towers were located in the 50's. As far as I know, the people that make the charts are not adding a new fire tower to the maps. - David Quam

from FFLA news