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Project ended 10/1/04.

The Net100 project is a DOE/MICS sponsored project to develop a network-aware operating system. The project seeks to measure and understand end-to-end network and application performance, and apply that knowledge to tuning networks and applications, eliminating the "wizard gap." The project is looking at both bulk transfer over high latency/bandwidth networks and grid-based applications, especially (but not limited to) DOE's ESnet. The major components are

The project has some novel approaches, including

The ORNL Net100 team:

Other Net100 collaborators include For additional project descriptions, visit the official Net100 website net100.org

Recent Net100 accomplishments at ORNL

ORNL Net100 downloads

Ongoing work in 2004

Earllier Net100 work

From the proposal, you can views ORNL's Net100 milestones here. During the first year, ORNL's Net100 goals and progress

The Net100 team is also working closely with the other DOE/MICS networking projects including
SciDAC projects (see networking projects)

and these DOE/MICS base-funded projects: The Net100 team has also worked with Sally Floy (HS TCP), Tom Kelley (Scalable TCP), and the CalTech FAST project. Net100 is also working with the Internet 2 End-to-End Performance Initiative Many research across the world have downloaded our Net100 kernel extensions and tuning tools.

Net100 presentations and papers
net100.org is the official web site, but here are relvant links (pardon the Microsoft bias)

Related Work at ORNL
Here are some of ORNL's network performance projects from ORNL's Network Research group


Visit the network performance links page for tools, RFC's and papers.

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