Nearby landforms (miles)
Eastern Sumner Co. NB 12x2, SMA001, 3.89 SW 
Taylor Hollow Falls?, SRF001, 5.09 E 
Winding Stair Cascade, MAF001, 14.95 E 
Laguardo Arch 2x9, WLA002, 16.2 S 
Old Hickory Lake, SRL003, 16.42 SW 
Ackers Lake, WLL001, 17.44 SW 
Crutcher Lake, SRL002, 18.22 SW 
Union Camp Falls, MAF002, 21.75 E 
Woodard Falls 12', MAF003, 21.84 E 
Anderson Lake, SRL001, 24.06 SW 
Bearwaller Falls? 20', SMF001, 25.92 SE 
Cordell Hull Lake, SML001, 30 SE 
Cheek Lake, DAL002, 30.15 SW 
Wartrace Lake, RBL001, 30.33 W 
Blowhole Arch, WLA003, 31.43 S 
Crabtree Cr Arch 6x12, JAA002, 31.83 E 
Dycus Crater, JAX002, 31.9 E 
J. Percy Priest Lake, DAL004, 32.68 SW 
Hunting Cr Arch 3x2, JAA001, 32.76 E 
Couchville Lake, DAL009, 32.81 SW 
Two Arch Sink 2x3, WLA001, 33 S 
Meadowbrook Lake, DAL007, 34.56 SW 
Montgomery Hollow Falls, JAF008, 35.33 SE 
Bush Lake, DAL001, 35.33 SW 
Thompson Falls(2) 50', CYF002, 36.86 E 
Marrowbone Lake, DAL006, 36.93 SW 
Glen Echo Lake, DAL003, 36.96 SW 
Mill Falls, CYF001, 37.01 E 
Marrowbone Falls, DAF002, 37.36 SW 
Louise Lake, DAL005, 37.48 SW 
Talent Hollow Falls, WLF001, 38.45 S 
Flynn Creek Crater, JAX001, 40.26 SE 
Center Hill Dam Falls, DKF005, 40.71 SE 
Talley Cr Tunnel?, JAA003, 41.9 E 
Blue Water Lake, RUL001, 42.51 SW 
Radnor Lake, DAL008, 42.52 SW 
Center Hill Lake, DKL001, 42.77 SE 
Indian Creek Arch 4x4, DKA002, 43.02 SE 
Sugar Creek Falls, JAF012, 44.01 E 
The Boils, JAX003, 44.11 E 
Bowman Br Falls(2) 30', JAF013, 44.6 SE 
West Meade Falls, DAF001, 45.1 SW 
Bowman Falls 20', JAF001, 45.29 SE 
Sara Lee Falls 30', JAF005, 45.93 E 
Judd Hollow Falls, JAF004, 46.02 E 
Cummins Falls 50', JAF002, 46.12 SE 
Wash Morgan Falls, JAF007, 46.33 E 
Spring Falls, JAF006, 46.63 E 
Dry Creek Falls, JAF003, 46.64 SE 
Hardscrabble Pinnacle, JAR001, 47.44 E 

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