Tennessee Landforms -- waterfalls
35.730200 -85.387900
35° 43.812'N 85° 23.274'W
35° 43' 48.7"N 85° 23' 16.4"W
16S 645794E 3955222N
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Wheeler Falls 25'

Waypoint: VBF009 35.730200,-85.387900
County: VanBuren   landforms of VanBuren county
Locale: state park
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Reference & photo: Dwight Haston

Wet-weather cascade named for the Burdin Wheeler family who lived there in 1855-1930. Their plantation was swept away by the great flood of 1929. Their family cemetery and buildings were wiped away without a trace. The Cascade Falls drops 120 feet in a 75 foot space. The drop of the falls is only 25'. Wheeler had a whiskey still at the bottom of the falls. Nearby is Medley Arch.

Chuck Sutherland photo

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