Tennessee Landforms
36.300500 -83.857200
36° 18.03'N 83° 51.432'W
36° 18' 1.8"N 83° 51' 25.9"W
17S 243436E 4021068N
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Norris igneous rock

Waypoint: UNX001 36.300500,-83.857200
County: Union   landforms of Union county
Locale: Norris Lake
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The red indicates the location of igneous rock (mica-peridotite). When Norris Lake is at full pool, much of the formation is submerged. (Norris current lake level) One of two igneous formations in TN, neither are visually significant.

More detailed map from Journal of Geology 1944 or superimposed on Google map and summary

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