Tennessee Landforms
36.384100 -87.655500
36° 23.046'N 87° 39.33'W
36° 23' 2.8"N 87° 39' 19.8"W
16S 441209E 4026752N
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Wells Creek Crater

Waypoint: STX001 36.384100,-87.655500
County: Stewart   landforms of Stewart county
Locale: info
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MTSU pictures at Wells Creek Also see Wilson/Stearns 1968 bulletin, Geology of the Wells Creek Structure and Wells Creek shattercones and earth impact DEM image More info on Wells Creek crater or Wells Creek Impact Crater 2011

TN craters (not visually significant): Howell Crater or Flynn Creek Crater or Wells Creek Crater or Dycus Crater

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