Tennessee Landforms
36.352700 -89.423400
36° 21.162'N 89° 25.404'W
36° 21' 9.7"N 89° 25' 24.2"W
16S 282542E 4025796N
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Reelfoot Lake

Waypoint: LAX001 36.352700,-89.423400
County: Lake   landforms of Lake county
Locale: state park
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Chuck Suthereland photo

Reelfoot Lake was created by a series of earthquakes (New Madrid) during the winter of 1811-1812. The earthquakes crumbled bluffs, uplifted other land areas, and created large sunken areas. One of these sunken areas filled with water and Reelfoot Lake was born. Reelfoot Lake is the largest natural lake in Tennessee, 15,000 acres at elevation 280'.

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