Tennessee Landforms
35.840400 -84.918500
35° 50.424'N 84° 55.11'W
35° 50' 25.4"N 84° 55' 6.6"W
16S 687991E 3968247N
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Grassy Cove

Waypoint: CUX001 35.840400,-84.918500
County: Cumberland   landforms of Cumberland county
Locale: BIG sinkhole
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A National Natural Landmark, one of the larger sinkholes in the US -- 5 square miles. See wikipedia or more info

View from the Cumberland Trail.

From the digital analysis of TN sinkholes
   Area: 13.6 km2
   Perimeter: 38.9 km
   Depth: 42.7 m
   Volume: 37736946 m3
   Low: 465.9m (1528') at 35.855972,-84.921713
   High: 508.2 m
An interior path is nearly 5 miles long.

The waters from Grassy Cove resurge at Head of Sequatchie Spring in Devilstep Hollow (35.792854,-85.007616) at an elevation of 1075'. Near Cave Spring (35.795917,-85.008431) is a 50' sinkhole.

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