Tennessee Landforms -- sinkholes
35.971864 -83.103691
35° 58.312'N 83° 6.221'W
35° 58' 18.7"N 83° 6' 13.3"W
17S 310319E 3982874N
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Good Hope 118'

Waypoint: COS001 35.971864,-83.103691
County: Cocke   landforms of Cocke county
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This deep sinkhole was revealed by Sutherland's ArcMap analysis. The topo map (40' contours) does not reveal the depth easily. (Dashed contour lines are at 20', e.g 1260.) The 10m DEM indicates lowest point of 1138.2' at 35.971898,-83.104306. Lip might be 1257' at 35.97250,-83.1001

from sinkhole digital analysis
Area: 0.15 km2
Perimeter: 2.5 km
Depth: 36.0 m
Volume: 156573 m3

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