Scott County Landforms

Waypoint Landform Locale
SCF029 Anderson Falls 65' BSF
SCF001 Angel Falls 7' BSF
SCF002 Beaver Falls 20' BSF
SCF023 Blevins Branch Falls 36' BSF
SCF003 Boulder House Falls 12' BSF
SCF020 Burnt Mill Cascade 12' BSF
SCF025 Burnt Mill Falls 18' BSF
SCF019 Burnt Mill Shower 26' BSF
SCF015 Copperhead Falls 18' BSF
SCF004 Double Falls BSF
SCF028 Dripping Springs? 15' BSF
SCF005 Fall Branch Falls 10' BSF
SCF006 Hideout Falls 50' BSF
SCF018 Hollow Rock Br. Falls 30' BSF
SCF007 Honey Creek Falls 20' BSF
SCF031 Huntsville Falls
SCF008 Ice Castle Falls 40' BSF
SCF024 Jakes Falls 40' BSF
SCF017 Joy Falls 70' BSF
SCF027 Jumble Falls 8' BSF
SCF026 Massey Branch Falls 9' BSF
SCF009 Moonshine Falls 10' BSF
SCF022 Paint Rock Creek Falls 6' private
SCF016 Pine Creek Falls 9' BSF
SCF030 Ravine Falls 15' CT
SCF013 Root Falls 8' BSF
SCF010 Rugby Falls 6' BSF
SCF011 Secluded Falls 20' BSF
SCF014 Sheer Falls 50' BSF
SCF021 Skull Creek Falls 9' BSF
SCF012 Step Falls 30' BSF
SCA048 Adjoin Double Arch 9x2 BSF
SCA001 Angel Falls Arch 35x15 BSF
SCA035 Belly Arch 20x2 BSF
SCA022 Betty Br Arch 70x20 BSF
SCA016 Black House Arch 44x13 BSF
SCA017 Bob's Arch 12x10 BSF
SCA031 Bruce's Arch 12x5 BSF
SCA044 Burnt Mill Column 4x2 BSF
SCA021 Cap Rock Window 2x3 BSF
SCA050 Clydesdale Arches? BSF
SCA024 Copperhead Arch 15x3 BSF
SCA015 Cow Branch Arch 65x15 BSF
SCA002 Creek Arch 10x8 BSF
SCA003 Daylight Rock 35x18 private
SCA036 Devil's Cave 35x60 BSF
SCA045 Diocese Arch 4x3 BSF
SCA038 Double Window 6x6 BSF
SCA054 Gibson Passages CT
SCA033 Grand Branch Arch 25x15 BSF
SCA037 Hangover Arch 5x4 BSF
SCA004 Hatfield Ridge Arch 25x30 BSF
SCA018 Hatfield Ridge E. Arch 4x10 BSF
SCA034 Huntsville Arch 55x30 private
SCA039 Hollow Rock Br NB 40x10 BSF
SCA014 Jakes Arch 3x3 BSF
SCA042 Jug Handle Arch 2x5 BSF
SCA028 Lookup Arch 4x6 BSF
SCA049 Massey Window 3x2 BSF
SCA019 Matt D's Arch 40x15 BSF
SCA005 Maude's Arch 2x2 BSF
SCA032 Molar Arch 2x3 BSF
SCA053 Muleshoe Hollow Arch 9x4 BSF
SCA026 Needles Eye 10x4 BSF
SCA006 Nee High Arch 30x3 BSF
SCA007 Opossum Rock 80x20 private
SCA052 Percolator Arch? BSF
SCA047 Post Rock Arch 12x6 BSF
SCA008 Potter Branch Double Arch 31x16 BSF
SCA009 Rainbow Rock(2) 35x15 private
SCA010 Russell Arch 100x30 BSF
SCA041 Shadowline Arch 7x2 BSF
SCA027 The Slit 2x25 BSF
SCA051 Twister Arch? 2x6 BSF
SCA011 Station Camp Window 4x3 BSF
SCA025 Station Camp leaners BSF
SCA029 Stepthru Arch 9x8 BSF
SCA020 Stepup Arch 3x3 BSF
SCA012 Triple Arch 30x15 BSF
SCA040 Tubeway Triple 11x4 BSF
SCA013 Twin Arches 92x70 BSF
SCA030 Upper Molar Arch 26x8 BSF
SCA046 Welder Arch 5x3 BSF
SCA023 Yellow Cliff Window? BSF
SCR003 Angel Falls Overlook 40' BSF
SCR009 Blevins Chimney 40' BSF
SCR001 Cap Rock 45' BSF
SCR010 Devils Den BSF
SCR008 Grand Branch Chimney 9' BSF
SCR011 Grand Gap Chimney 35' BSF
SCR002 Maude's Crack BSF
SCR007 No Business Butte BSF
SCR012 Pillow Rock 20' CT
SCR004 Station Camp Chimneys 25' BSF
SCR005 Station Camp N. Chimney 40' BSF
SCR006 Station Camp Rocks BSF

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