Pickett County Landforms

Waypoint Landform Locale
PIF001 Crystal Falls 20' state park
PIF002 Double Falls 35' forest
PIF003 Slave Falls 70' BSF
PIF007 Thompson Creek Falls 10' forest
PIF006 West Fork Falls 30' forest
PIF004 Wright Branch Falls 8'
PIA043 Andy Arch 8x15 BSF
PIA012 Bluff Tr. Roof Arch 16x2 state park
PIA014 Bowtie Arch 2x10 BSF
PIA031 Bunkum Window
PIA023 Cathedral Arch 9x7 BSF
PIA048 Coffee Arch 27x15 forest
PIA049 Coffee Span 18 forest
PIA003 Column Arch 2x6 forest
PIA002 Cowboy Arch 43x39 BSF
PIA034 Crinkled Arch 6x4 BSF
PIA004 Dead Deer Arch 40x20 BSF
PIA042 Double Span 5x4 forest
PIA024 Dragon Arch 30x12 BSF
PIA036 Exit Arch 30x11 BSF
PIA038 Flint Fork Arch 4x1 state forest
PIA025 Golden Arches (triple) 80x50 BSF
PIA050 Grannys Crack 20x7
PIA008 Greenwood Cliff Arch 50x60 tnc
PIA009 Greenwood Cliff Tunnel 8x20 tnc
PIA005 Group Camp Arch 4x3 state park
PIA026 Half Bow Arch 14x7 BSF
PIA001 Hanging Rock Arches 10x20 BSF
PIA006 Hazard Cave Arch 30x1 state park
PIA027 Hidden Arch 40x12 BSF
PIA007 Hidden Passage 30x9 forest
PIA028 Hunchback Arch 30x5 BSF
PIA010 Hwy 154 Natural Bridge 86x24 state park
PIA016 Jakes Chimney 5x25 BSF
PIA011 Ladder Tr. Archette 2x1 state park
PIA044 Lost Arch 3x2 BSF
PIA033 Middle Creek Arch 14x18 BSF
PIA021 Mill Cr. Arch 20x13 BSF
PIA013 Needle Arch 35x13 BSF
PIA015 Pickett Lake Natural Bridge 30x35 state park
PIA047 Pickett Lake Arch 4x2 state park
PIA029 Noah's Arch 55x20 BSF
PIA046 Rock Creek Arch 18x6 forest
PIA040 Rockhouse Spans 15x15 state park
PIA035 Sandy Tunnel Arch 7x4 BSF
PIA022 Scorpio Arch 27x15 BSF
PIA017 Second Chance Arch 14x5 state park
PIA030 Sky High Arch 30x50 BSF
PIA037 Sliver Arch 10x31 BSF
PIA018 Smoke House Arch 17x20 tnc
PIA041 Thompson Creek Handle 2x4 forest
PIA045 Tornado Arch 3x6
PIA019 Tunnel Trail Arches 350' state park
PIA020 Will Wright Br. Tunnel 130x10
PIL001 Pickett Lake state park
PIR001 Lost Chimney 15' BSF

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