Fentress County Landforms

Waypoint Landform Locale
FEF020 Big Indian Cr Falls 20'
FEF018 Bridal Veil Falls 10'
FEF027 Coy Falls 15' BSF
FEF006 Deer Gap Falls 70' private
FEF021 Drum Falls 15'
FEF008 E. Fork Obey Falls 20' private
FEF005 E. Prong Hill Cr Falls 12' private
FEF009 Fern Camp Cascade 20' private
FEF010 Fern Camp Falls 30' private
FEF026 Garrett Falls 45'
FEF007 Lints Falls 30' private
FEF001 Magendanz Falls 35' private
FEF002 Northrup Falls 63' TNNA
FEF003 Mountain View Falls 25' private
FEF019 Patience Falls 8'
FEF016 Phillip Falls 26' PogueCreek
FEF013 Pogue Creek Falls 40' PogueCreek
FEF023 Pumphouse Br Falls 15' BSF
FEF024 Pumphouse feeder Falls 12' BSF
FEF004 Rockcastle Falls 30'
FEF022 Rusty Falls 15' BSF
FEF011 Sharp Branch Falls 15' private
FEF014 South Fork Falls 12' BSF
FEF012 Stewart Creek Falls private
FEF017 Stinging Nettle Falls 10'
FEF025 Sympatico Falls 10' BSF
FEF015 Williams Creek Falls 6' PogueCreek
FEA057 Allan's Arch 75x8
FEA028 Ascending Windows 4x2 PogueCreek
FEA001 Barn Creek Bridge 18x8 road
FEA002 Ben Creek Arch 10x5 BSF
FEA011 Ben Creek Archette 3x3 BSF
FEA015 Bill's Knob Arch 18x18 private
FEA053 Biped Arch 4x3 PogueCreek
FEA026 Bird Nested Arches 22x7 PogueCreek
FEA021 Bruno's Arches (2) 3x2 private
FEA061 Canebrake Arch 4x4 Obey
FEA052 Cat Pen Hollow Arch 70x20 private
FEA027 Chamber Arch 4x9 PogueCreek
FEA018 Christian Tunnel 120' BSF
FEA029 Circle Bar Arches 5x5 PogueCreek
FEA020 Clarkrange Arch 40x13 private
FEA047 Colspan Arches 16x6 PogueCreek
FEA062 Confluence Arch 3x2 BSF
FEA022 Cracked Foot Arch 17x4 BSF
FEA043 Crooked Br Window 6x3 BSF
FEA033 Eyeball Arch 4x1 BSF
FEA013 Fern Camp Arch 15x7 private
FEA003 Fiddler's Arch 45x10 BSF
FEA059 Hammock Arch 7x6 BSF
FEA065 Hey Lee Arch 3x4 PogueCreek
FEA037 High Handle 3x4 PogueCreek
FEA016 Highlands Arch 25x4 private
FEA064 Hippy Cave span BSF
FEA017 Incised Meander 130x25 BSF
FEA066 Jar Jar Arch 5x2 PogueCreek
FEA032 Johnson Branch Arches 5x5 PogueCreek
FEA035 Keys Arch 60x20 PogueCreek
FEA036 Keys Hole 4x4 PogueCreek
FEA060 Travis Arch? PogueCreek
FEA049 Laurel Fork Arch? 6x2 BSF
FEA040 Laurel Span 30x30 BSF
FEA054 Lints Cove Arch 3x3 Obey
FEA012 Mask Arch 10x2 private
FEA063 Meditation Arch 12x3 BSF
FEA058 Moonshine Arch 9x4
FEA005 Mountain View Arch 100x30 private
FEA050 MW Arch 70x8 private
FEA048 Needles Eye 16x20 PogueCreek
FEA014 Oby's Double Arch 50x18 BSF
FEA023 One Rib 9x4 PogueCreek
FEA031 Pegleg Arch 4x5 PogueCreek
FEA045 Phillip Arch 9x4 PogueCreek
FEA024 Pogue Arch 30x5 PogueCreek
FEA025 Pogue Holes(5) 3x2 PogueCreek
FEA006 Price's Arch 75x25 private
FEA034 Retreat Arch 60x25 private
FEA007 Rockcastle Natural Bridge 11x4
FEA010 Rockhouse Br Arch 50x20 BSF
FEA039 Rockhouse Br Overpass 18x20 BSF
FEA044 Skinner Mountain Arch 10x8
FEA056 Skinner Mountain Triple 10x15
FEA042 Slitherin Arches 4x2 PogueCreek
FEA030 Two Ribs 7x5 PogueCreek
FEA046 Watson Arch 2x3 forest
FEA004 Wildcat Den Arch 33x9 BSF
FEA041 Williams Creek Arches PogueCreek
FEA019 Wrong Arch 30x12 BSF
FEA008 York's Double Arch 30x12 PogueCreek
FEA009 York's Palace 50x8 PogueCreek
FEA051 York's Rib 4 PogueCreek
FEA038 Zenith Arch 20x5 BSF
FEA055 Z Hole 3x3 Obey
FEL001 Mineral Lake
FER003 Black House Chimney 30' PSF
FER009 Cave Hollow Chimney 30' PogueCreek
FER002 Crossover Chimney 20' BSF
FER006 Phillip Chimney NW 35' PogueCreek
FER007 Phillip Chimney SE 30' PogueCreek
FER004 Pogue Chimney 50' PogueCreek
FER008 Pogue Mesa PogueCreek
FER005 Skinner Mountain Chimney 40'
FER001 Top Hat 60' BSF

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