Carter County Landforms

Waypoint Landform Locale
CTF001 Blue Hole Falls (4) 45' CNF
CTF023 Bubbling Cauldron Falls 18' CNF
CTF020 Campbell Falls 18' wilderness
CTF022 Clarke Creel Falls CNF
CTF002 Coon Den Falls 100' CNF
CTF003 Dennis Cove Falls 25' wilderness
CTF005 Firescald Branch Falls wilderness
CTF016 Five Eights lake
CTF018 Hardcore Cascades 20' CNF
CTF017 Hays Branch Falls 18' CNF
CTF006 Jones Falls 100' CNF
CTF007 Laurel Falls 55' wilderness
CTF010 Laurel Falls (m) 8' wilderness
CTF011 Laurel Falls (u) 25' wilderness
CTF015 Little Laurel Br. Falls 50' lake
CTF014 Mountaineer Falls 20' CNF
CTF012 N. Fork Stony Cr. Falls (5) 30' CNF
CTF019 Pats Falls 15' wilderness
CTF008 Sally Cove Cr Falls 25'
CTF009 Twisting Falls 30' CNF
CTF013 Splash Dam Falls 25' CNF
CTF021 Stone Mtn Br Cascade 10' CNF
CTA001 Doe River Tunnels cnf
CTL001 Ripshin Lake
CTL002 Watauga Lake story
CTL003 Wilbur Lake info
CTR001 Buckled Rock 150' NWA
CTB001 Grassy Ridge Bald 6160' CNF
CTB002 Hump Mountain 5280' CNF
CTB003 Jane Bald 5750' CNF
CTB004 Little Hump Mountain 5440' CNF
CTB005 Round Bald 5800' CNF
CTS001 Sinking Cr 104'
CTS002 Siam Sink 102'
CTP001 Roan High Knob 6285' CNF

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