WGS84/NAD27 converter
Most on-line map services and GPS's use the WGS84 datum, but the USGS topo maps are published in the NAD27 datum. The 1 kilometer UTM grid on the 7.5' quads is useful for off-trail adventures. Use a yardstick to draw in the grid lines (see example), then set your GPS readouts to NAD27 and UTM.

lat lon lat lon
lat lon lat lon
lat lon lat lon
utm84 utm27


With the form below you can convert between lat/lon and UTM and between the WGS84 and NAD27 datums. Latitude/longitude can be represented as 36.12345, or 36 44.333, or 36 22 14.5 and degree, minute, seconds symbols will be ignored.

Latitude: Longitude:


  UTM Easting: Northing: Zone:


  NABSQNO: WGS84 UTM (Z-E-N), e.g. 16S-598278-3890594

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