Tennessee Arches

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346 arches on Google map
Waypoint Arch County Locale
SCA048 Adjoin Double Arch 9x2 Scott BSF
FEA057 Allan's Arch 75x8 Fentress
BTA003 Anchor Arch 4x3 Blount GSMNP
PIA043 Andy Arch 8x15 Pickett BSF
SCA001 Angel Falls Arch 35x15 Scott BSF
GEA002 Arch Cave Arch 5x7 Greene private
SVA001 Arch Rock 6x12 Sevier GSMNP
FEA028 Ascending Windows 4x2 Fentress PogueCreek
SCA064 Baby Grand Arch? Scott BSF
JOA001 Backbone Rock 16x20 Johnson road tunnel
PUA009 Bad Water Arch 12x5 Putnam
FEA001 Barn Creek Bridge 18x8 Fentress road
MGA001 Barnett's Rib 60x50 Morgan OWSR
SCA035 Belly Arch 20x2 Scott BSF
FEA002 Ben Creek Arch 10x5 Fentress BSF
FEA011 Ben Creek Archette 3x3 Fentress BSF
SCA022 Betty Br Arch 70x20 Scott BSF
SCA067 Betty Br Complex? Scott BSF
SCA063 Betty Br Shelf Arch? Scott BSF
SCA059 Big Br Double Arch? Scott BSF
KNA003 Big Foot Bunion 2x3 Knox park
FEA015 Bill's Knob Arch 18x18 Fentress private
FEA053 Biped Arch 4x3 Fentress PogueCreek
FEA026 Bird Nested Arches 22x7 Fentress PogueCreek
SCA016 Black House Arch 44x13 Scott BSF
SCA065 Blackmail Arch? Scott BSF
CUA003 Black Mountain Arches 5x8 Cumberland
WLA003 Blowhole Arch Wilson
HMA001 Bluff Trail Arch-1 60x60 Hamilton CCNMP
HMA002 Bluff Trail Arch-2 3x2 Hamilton CCNMP
HMA003 Bluff Trail Arch-3 10x25 Hamilton CCNMP
HMA004 Bluff Trail Arch-4 4x1 Hamilton CCNMP
HMA005 Bluff Trail Arch-5 5x2 Hamilton CCNMP
HMA006 Bluff Trail Arch-6 3x12 Hamilton CCNMP
PIA012 Bluff Tr. Roof Arch 16x2 Pickett state park
SCA017 Bob's Arch 12x10 Scott BSF
PIA014 Bowtie Arch 2x10 Pickett BSF
CUA001 Brady Mountain Arch 7x8 Cumberland CT
FRA002 Bridal Veil Arch 6x18 Franklin
MIA005 Bridge Arch Marion
MGA002 Bridge Rock 45x20 Morgan BSF
SCA031 Bruce's Arch 12x5 Scott BSF
FEA021 Bruno's Arches (2) 3x2 Fentress private
FRA005 Buggy Top Natural Bridge 8x3 Franklin
BTA006 Bull Rib 12x20 Blount GSMNP
PIA031 Bunkum Window Pickett
CYA001 Burchett Natural Bridge 18x6 Clay private
SCA044 Burnt Mill Column 4x2 Scott BSF
GUA001 Burrow Cove Natural Bridge 25x3 Grundy private
KNA001 Cactus Cliff Arch 3x3 Knox blueway
BTA004 Calderwood Tunnel Blount Calderwood
PUA006 Calfkiller Natural Bridge 12x3 Putnam private
PUA001 Campground Natural Bridges 5x41 Putnam
FEA061 Canebrake Arch 4x4 Fentress Obey
FRA009 Caney Hollow Arch Franklin
SCA021 Cap Rock Window 2x3 Scott BSF
MGA007 Castle Rock Arch 6x10 Morgan CT
PIA023 Cathedral Arch 9x7 Pickett BSF
MGA009 Catoosa Passage 4x7 Morgan Catoosa
FEA052 Cat Pen Hollow Arch 70x20 Fentress private
HIA001 Centerville Arch? Hickman
FEA027 Chamber Arch 4x9 Fentress PogueCreek
CAA004 Chimney Rocks Arches 12x45 Campbell CT
FEA018 Christian Tunnel 120' Fentress BSF
CUA004 Cindy Creek Arch 28x9 Cumberland private
FEA029 Circle Bar Arches 5x5 Fentress PogueCreek
FEA020 Clarkrange Arch 40x13 Fentress private
SCA066 Cliff Hugger Arch? Scott BSF
SCA050 Clydesdale Arches? Scott BSF
ANA001 Coal Creek Arches 4x5 Anderson private
PIA048 Coffee Arch 27x15 Pickett forest
PIA049 Coffee Span 18 Pickett forest
FEA047 Colspan Arches 16x6 Fentress PogueCreek
PIA003 Column Arch 2x6 Pickett forest
FEA062 Confluence Arch 3x2 Fentress BSF
SCA024 Copperhead Arch 15x3 Scott BSF
PIA002 Cowboy Arch 43x39 Pickett BSF
SCA015 Cow Branch Arch 65x15 Scott BSF
JAA002 Crabtree Cr Arch 6x12 Jackson
PUA002 Cracked Bluff Arch 112x83 Putnam private
FEA022 Cracked Foot Arch 17x4 Fentress BSF
SCA070 Craft Window? Scott BSF
OVA001 Cravenstown Arch 37x12 Overton private
OVA002 Crawford Arch 9x6 Overton private
CAA014 Crawl Space 4x2 Campbell
SCA002 Creek Arch 10x8 Scott BSF
PIA034 Crinkled Arch 6x4 Pickett BSF
FEA043 Crooked Br Window 6x3 Fentress BSF
FRA010 Crow Creek Arch 30x20 Franklin private
CAA015 CT eyelets Campbell CT
MIA001 CT Natural Bridge 70x30 Marion CT
CAA001 CT Rock Window 12x4 Campbell CT
CLA001 Cumberland Gap Natural Bridge Claiborne collapsed
SCA003 Daylight Rock 35x18 Scott private
PIA004 Dead Deer Arch 40x20 Pickett BSF
SCA036 Devil's Cave 35x60 Scott BSF
CAA012 Devil's Eye 5x2 Campbell
SCA045 Diocese Arch 4x3 Scott BSF
CTA001 Doe River Tunnels Carter cnf
CUA002 Donnelly's Window 3x2 Cumberland CT
PIA042 Double Span 5x4 Pickett forest
SCA038 Double Window 6x6 Scott BSF
PIA024 Dragon Arch 30x12 Pickett BSF
CAA013 Drive-in triple 45x25 Campbell
OVA003 Dry Hollow Arch 15x10 Overton private
SCA062 Duckhead Arch? Scott BSF
SMA001 Eastern Sumner Co. NB 12x2 Sumner
SVA003 East Fork Arch 25x18 Sevier private
SCA072 East Rim Double Pane 3x4 Scott BSF
SCA071 East Rim Tunnel 15x20 Scott BSF
MGA003 East Rock Arch 5x1 Morgan FrozenHead
ROA006 Emory Gap Arch 2x5 Roane
PUA005 England Cove Arch 12x20 Putnam
PIA036 Exit Arch 30x11 Pickett BSF
FEA033 Eyeball Arch 4x1 Fentress BSF
SVA002 Eye of the Needle 4x3 Sevier GSMNP
VBA001 Fall Creek Arch 8x3 VanBuren state park
FEA013 Fern Camp Arch 15x7 Fentress private
FEA003 Fiddler's Arch 45x10 Fentress BSF
PIA038 Flint Fork Arch 4x1 Pickett state forest
PUA008 Gadd Window 2x2 Putnam private
ROA002 Gallaher Tunnel 3x3 Roane private
SCA054 Gibson Passages Scott CT
SCA061 Giger Arch? Scott BSF
PIA025 Golden Arches (triple) 80x50 Pickett BSF
RHA001 Gooch Creek Arch 78x45 Rhea
SCA033 Grand Branch Arch 25x15 Scott BSF
PIA050 Grannys Crack 20x7 Pickett
RHA003 Graysville passage Rhea CT
OVA008 Green Pond Arch Overton private
PIA008 Greenwood Cliff Arch 50x60 Pickett tnc
PIA009 Greenwood Cliff Tunnel 8x20 Pickett tnc
GUA004 Greeter Arch 3x7 Grundy SavageGulf
PIA005 Group Camp Arch 4x3 Pickett state park
PIA026 Half Bow Arch 14x7 Pickett BSF
FEA059 Hammock Arch 7x6 Fentress BSF
OVA004 Hanging Limb Arch 35x9 Overton private
PIA001 Hanging Rock Arches 10x20 Pickett BSF
SCA037 Hangover Arch 5x4 Scott BSF
COA001 Harned Chapel Natural Bridge 35x8 Cocke road
CHA001 Harpeth Narrows Tunnel 290' Cheatham SNA
CHA002 Harpeth Triple 5x11 Cheatham
SCA004 Hatfield Ridge Arch 25x30 Scott BSF
SCA018 Hatfield Ridge E. Arch 4x10 Scott BSF
PIA006 Hazard Cave Arch 30x1 Pickett state park
MGA004 Hegler Arches 50x50 Morgan OWSR
PIA027 Hidden Arch 40x12 Pickett BSF
PIA007 Hidden Passage 30x9 Pickett forest
FEA037 High Handle 3x4 Fentress PogueCreek
FEA016 Highlands Arch 25x4 Fentress private
FRA003 High Lintel 5x30 Franklin private
FEA064 Hippy Cave span Fentress BSF
CRA001 Hollow Rock 2x2 Carroll park
SCA039 Hollow Rock Br NB 40x10 Scott BSF
OVA006 Honey Springs NB 5x2 Overton private
MGA014 Horse Pen Br Arch 8x4 Morgan private
PIA028 Hunchback Arch 30x5 Pickett BSF
JAA001 Hunting Cr Arch 3x2 Jackson
SCA034 Huntsville Arch 55x30 Scott private
PIA010 Hwy 154 Natural Bridge 86x24 Pickett state park
KNA002 Ijams Arch 9x10 Knox Ijams
FEA017 Incised Meander 130x25 Fentress BSF
DKA002 Indian Creek Arch 4x4 DeKalb CenterHill
MGA013 Indian Knob Passage 9x12 Morgan FrozenHead
MGA010 Island Creek Passage 4x15 Morgan Catoosa
SCA014 Jakes Arch 3x3 Scott BSF
PIA016 Jakes Chimney 5x25 Pickett BSF
FEA032 Johnson Branch Arches 5x5 Fentress PogueCreek
SCA068 Jug Complex? Scott BSF
SCA042 Jug Handle Arch 2x5 Scott BSF
SCA074 Kamtt Tunnel 2x10 Scott BSF
FEA035 Keys Arch 60x20 Fentress PogueCreek
FEA036 Keys Hole 4x4 Fentress PogueCreek
ROA003 Kingston Arch 6x8 Roane
CAA007 Koker Passage 5x40 Campbell CT
CAA008 Koker Transom 9x10 Campbell CT
PIA011 Ladder Tr. Archette 2x1 Pickett state park
WLA002 Laguardo Arch 2x9 Wilson
FEA049 Laurel Fork Arch? 6x2 Fentress BSF
FEA040 Laurel Span 30x30 Fentress BSF
OVA005 Lick Hollow Arch 60x10 Overton private
MGA005 Lilly Point Arch 10x15 Morgan OWSR
FEA054 Lints Cove Arch 3x3 Fentress Obey
WHA003 Little Falls Arch White state park
CLA002 Little Tunnel Claiborne RR
HMA007 Lockhart Arch 6x5 Hamilton CT
SCA058 Longfield Arch? Scott BSF
HMA008 Lookout Mtn (Cleland) NB 85x14 Hamilton city park
SCA028 Lookup Arch 4x6 Scott BSF
PIA044 Lost Arch 3x2 Pickett BSF
WHA001 Lost Cr.(Dodson) Arch 3x4 White ScottsGulf
ANA002 Lovely Bluff Arches (6+) 8x15 Anderson
KNA005 Marble Passage 4x8 Knox Ijams
MGA008 March Arch 6x3 Morgan CT
FEA012 Mask Arch 10x2 Fentress private
SCA049 Massey Window 3x2 Scott BSF
SCA019 Matt D's Arch 40x15 Scott BSF
SCA005 Maude's Arch 2x2 Scott BSF
CAA002 McCloud's Natural Arch(4) 60x30 Campbell private
FEA063 Meditation Arch 12x3 Fentress BSF
VBA002 Medley Arch 30x90 VanBuren state park
CNA001 Melton Hole Arch 9x112 Cannon private
HMA009 Middle Cr Arch-1 7x3 Hamilton CT
HMA010 Middle Cr Arch-2 20x8 Hamilton CT
PIA033 Middle Creek Arch 14x18 Pickett BSF
PIA021 Mill Cr. Arch 20x13 Pickett BSF
BTA002 Mill Creek Arch 2x8 Blount GSMNP
SCA032 Molar Arch 2x3 Scott BSF
PUA003 Monterey Window 3x3 Putnam
FEA058 Moonshine Arch 9x4 Fentress
FEA005 Mountain View Arch 100x30 Fentress private
SCA053 Muleshoe Hollow Arch 9x4 Scott BSF
FEA050 MW Arch 70x8 Fentress private
SCA075 Nancys Tunnel 20' Scott BSF
PIA013 Needle Arch 35x13 Pickett BSF
SCA026 Needles Eye 10x4 Scott BSF
FEA048 Needles Eye 16x20 Fentress PogueCreek
HMA011 Needleseye 5x2 Hamilton
SCA006 Nee High Arch 30x3 Scott BSF
MGA011 Nemo Tunnel 2174' Morgan OWSR
SVA006 Newfound Tunnel 7x12 Sevier GSMNP
PIA029 Noah's Arch 55x20 Pickett BSF
ANA006 North Ribs (2) 3x1 Anderson trail
GUA003 Nunley Hollow Bridge 5x4 Grundy private
FEA014 Oby's Double Arch 50x18 Fentress BSF
ANA007 Offutt Arches 20x10 Anderson private
FEA023 One Rib 9x4 Fentress PogueCreek
SCA007 Opossum Rock 80x20 Scott private
COA002 Oven Creek Natural Bridge 11x4 Cocke private
ROA001 Paint Rock Window 3x4 Roane private
MIA004 PC Natural Bridge 10x1 Marion prenticecooper
FEA031 Pegleg Arch 4x5 Fentress PogueCreek
SCA052 Percolator Arch? Scott BSF
FRA007 Peter Window 3x2 Franklin private
FEA045 Phillip Arch 9x4 Fentress PogueCreek
SCA056 Phillips Cr tunnel N 751' Scott RR
SCA055 Phillips Cr tunnel S 893' Scott RR
PIA047 Pickett Lake Arch 4x2 Pickett state park
PIA015 Pickett Lake Natural Bridge 30x35 Pickett state park
CYA002 Pleasant Grove arches? Clay DaleHollow
FEA024 Pogue Arch 30x5 Fentress PogueCreek
FEA025 Pogue Holes(5) 3x2 Fentress PogueCreek
CAA010 Pond Arch 60x20 Campbell private
MOA003 Porthole 1x1 Monroe Tellico
SCA047 Post Rock Arch 12x6 Scott BSF
SCA008 Potter Branch Double Arch 31x16 Scott BSF
FEA006 Price's Arch 75x25 Fentress private
CAA005 Primroy Arch 75x25 Campbell private
DKA001 Ragland Bottoms Arch 8x8 DeKalb
SCA009 Rainbow Rock(2) 35x15 Scott private
GUA002 Raven Point Arch 21x6 Grundy trails
SVA005 Red Bank Tunnel 4x3 Sevier
FEA034 Retreat Arch 60x25 Fentress private
FRA006 Reuben Double Arch 9x5 Franklin private
SCA060 Rhino Foot Arch? Scott BSF
ANA003 River Bluff Arch 10x12 Anderson TVA SWA
FRA008 Roark Cove Arches Franklin private
SCA057 Robbins tunnel 2533' Scott RR
RHA002 Rock Bridge Branch 12x0 Rhea private
HNA001 Rock Bridge Church NB Hancock road
FEA007 Rockcastle Natural Bridge 11x4 Fentress
PIA046 Rock Creek Arch 18x6 Pickett forest
FEA010 Rockhouse Br Arch 50x20 Fentress BSF
FEA039 Rockhouse Br Overpass 18x20 Fentress BSF
PIA040 Rockhouse Spans 15x15 Pickett state park
SCA010 Russell Arch 100x30 Scott BSF
PIA035 Sandy Tunnel Arch 7x4 Pickett BSF
ANA004 Savage Garden Arches (4+) 15x10 Anderson private
PIA022 Scorpio Arch 27x15 Pickett BSF
PIA017 Second Chance Arch 14x5 Pickett state park
SVA004 Seven Islands Arches 4x2 Sevier
FRA001 Sewanee Natural Bridge 50x30 Franklin SNA
SCA041 Shadowline Arch 7x2 Scott BSF
BTA005 Sheep Pen Bluff Arch 10x15 Blount Fort Loudoun
PUA010 Shell Window 4x6 Putnam private
MOA002 Shortfoots Natural Bridge 15x4 Monroe
RHA004 Shrooom Window 4x8 Rhea
HMA013 Signal Pt Leaners (2) 3x7 Hamilton CT
FRA004 Sinking Cove Window 5x2 Franklin private
KNA004 Sinking Creek arch 3x1 Knox
FEA044 Skinner Mountain Arch 10x8 Fentress
FEA056 Skinner Mountain Triple 10x15 Fentress
PIA030 Sky High Arch 30x50 Pickett BSF
HMA012 Skyula Trail Arch 3x5 Hamilton CCNMP
FEA042 Slitherin Arches 4x2 Fentress PogueCreek
PIA037 Sliver Arch 10x31 Pickett BSF
PIA018 Smoke House Arch 17x20 Pickett tnc
GEA001 Spruce Thicket Arch 2x1 Greene CNF
MIA003 S. Suck Cr. Arch 2x2 Marion
MTA001 State Line Arches 20x2 Montgomery military
SCA025 Station Camp leaners Scott BSF
SCA011 Station Camp Window 4x3 Scott BSF
SCA029 Stepthru Arch 9x8 Scott BSF
SCA020 Stepup Arch 3x3 Scott BSF
MGA012 Stone Arch 6x6 Morgan OWSR
PUA007 Stone Cove Arches(17) 25x10 Putnam
SCA076 Sunset Slot 300' Scott BSF
JAA003 Talley Cr Tunnel? Jackson
ROA005 Tate's Arch 10x8 Roane private
ROA004 Tate's Natural Bridge 17x7 Roane private
SCA073 Terry Lynn Arch 12x3 Scott BSF
MIA002 The Chimneys Arches 24x12 Marion TNNA
WYA001 The Courthouse NB 60x25 Wayne spa
SCA027 The Slit 2x25 Scott BSF
PIA041 Thompson Creek Handle 2x4 Pickett forest
POA001 Thornburg Bridge 23x6 Polk CNF
CAA011 Three Bridges 70x25 Campbell private
BTA007 Three Hole 3x2 Blount Tapoco
CAA009 Titus Arch 7x7 Campbell RoyalBlue
CAA016 Toe Hole 3x3 Campbell CT
PIA045 Tornado Arch 3x6 Pickett
FEA060 Travis Arch? Fentress PogueCreek
SCA012 Triple Arch 30x15 Scott BSF
SCA040 Tubeway Triple 11x4 Scott BSF
MGA017 Tunnel 19 762' Morgan OWSR
MGA018 Tunnel 20 Morgan OWSR
MGA016 Tunnel 22 Morgan OWSR
MGA015 Tunnel 23 1945' Morgan OWSR
PIA019 Tunnel Trail Arches 350' Pickett state park
SCA013 Twin Arches 92x70 Scott BSF
SCA051 Twister Arch? 2x6 Scott BSF
WLA001 Two Arch Sink 2x3 Wilson forest
FEA030 Two Ribs 7x5 Fentress PogueCreek
SCA069 Untold Arch 22x6 Scott BSF
SCA030 Upper Molar Arch 26x8 Scott BSF
WHA002 Virgin Falls NB 20 White PktWldns
MGA006 Waltman Archette 5x1 Morgan OWSR
FEA046 Watson Arch 2x3 Fentress forest
SCA046 Welder Arch 5x3 Scott BSF
MGA019 West Castle Rock Arch 4x1 Morgan CT
BTA001 Whiteoak Windows 2x3 Blount GSMNP
CAA003 White Sand Arch 7x5 Campbell I75N
FEA004 Wildcat Den Arch 33x9 Fentress BSF
FEA041 Williams Creek Arches Fentress PogueCreek
PIA020 Will Wright Br. Tunnel 130x10 Pickett
PUA004 Window Cliff 21x30 Putnam private
SQA001 Window Rock 6x6 Sequatchie
ANA005 Windrock Window 3x3 Anderson private
CAA006 Woodson Arch 36x20 Campbell CT
FEA019 Wrong Arch 30x12 Fentress BSF
SCA023 Yellow Cliff Window Scott BSF
FEA008 York's Double Arch 30x12 Fentress PogueCreek
FEA009 York's Palace 50x8 Fentress PogueCreek
FEA051 York's Rib 4 Fentress PogueCreek
FEA038 Zenith Arch 20x5 Fentress BSF
FEA055 Z Hole 3x3 Fentress Obey
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This list includes arches, natural bridges, and other interesting rocks with holes. Interior dimensions are in feet (width x height). There may be more than one arch at a location. Some locations (e.g., Twin Arches, Sewanee Arch, and Lilly Pt. Arch also have rock tunnels). There are of course more Big South Fork arches in Kentucky.

Some of these arches are on private property, get permission first. Others are diffcult to access because they are off-trail. Corrections and additions are welcome.

The table above corrects a few errors in Corgan/Parks "Natural Bridges of Tennessee" (1979). Big Laurel Creek Arch and Crawford Arch are actually southwest of Crawford rather than northeast as indicated by Corgan/Parks [John Burns]. The Lick Hollow Arch is "Big Laurel"-- doesn't seem right to call it Big Laurel any more since it's not in that watershed.

There are several rumored arches in Tennessee. Help us locate them!

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