Great Smoky Mountains National Park Campsites
35.478300 -83.741300
35° 28.698'N 83° 44.478'W
35° 28' 41.9"N 83° 44' 28.7"W
17S 251285E 3929542N
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Waypoint: BC088 35.478300,-83.741300
Locale: Hazel Creek Lakeshore
Elevation: 1950'
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This is the new BC88, the older closed BC88 was on Pinnacle Creek which is no longer maintained. This site is on the new section of Lakeshore trail between 90 and 86 along Shehan Branch, 1.4 miles from junction with Hazel Creek trail. This site is not shown yet (2007) on park maps, but if it were, it would be about here:

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