Secret City Trekker

Become a Secret City Trekker!!!!

Oak Ridge has over 35 miles of trails within its Greenways System. Now, Greenways Oak Ridge encourages you to Hike 'Em All!

Greenways Oak Ridge, in conjunction with the City Recreation and Parks Department, developed a detailed trail brochure of the eleven existing trails. The trail brochure has an overview section and a page for each trail describing its surface characteristics, permitted activities, level of difficulty, distance, and trailhead locations. To keep track of what trails you have hiked and when, print out a copy of the Secret City Trekker Brochure (pdf) and begin logging your miles! Once you have completed all eleven trails, send Greenways Oak Ridge a copy of your completed trail log. (Mailing information is provided in the trekker brochure.) In return we will send you a certificate and a patch declaring that you have hiked em all.

Here are the folks who have earned their trekker patch.

Trekker Date
The Goodlaxson family 2010
The Roberts (Will, Tara, Shachia, Micah, David, Lydia, Barak, Gabriel, Naomi, Keilah, Josiah, Micaiah) fall 2009
The Cheney's (Christine, Carinne, Jake, Jason) 2008
The Ochs (Dave, Susan, Abbygail-10, Bennet-7, Blaise-3) 1/1/08
Bob and Janet Cushman 8/8/07
Peggy Mitchell 9/11/06
Gloria and Steven Larson 7/3/06
David and Heather Lynn Burk 10/30/05
George Paynter 9/05
Ray Daugherty 9/10/05
Robert and Bonnie Herrell 3/15/05
Angela Adams 10/29/04
Dan Robbins 9/30/04
Peter Yen 9/13/04
Ronald Brandenburg 9/1/04

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Special thanks to Lois Martin for establishing the trekker program.