Project Status

The first phase of the Melton Lake Drive Greenway project was completed in December, 1997 and dedicated June 12, 1998. (See Oak Ridger article).

The greenway runs along the western shore of Melton Hill Lake. The first phase was an eight foot wide asphalt trail from Amanda Drive to Rivers Run. The phase I cost was $229,000. The City contributed $83,400 and the remainder was covered by a grant from the Tennessee Department of Transportation and Federal Highway administration.

Phase II construction began May, 2000 and completed June, 2001. Phase II was dedicated 8/13/01, see Oak Ridger article.

Phase III grant of $303,000 from Tenn. Dept. of Transportation (Oak Ridger article 8/11/98). Phase III includes a paved bikeway down Emory Valley Road. Phase III bid awarded March, 2001 ($453K), work began in April, 2001, completed August, 2001. See Google greenways map

Phase IV federal grant of $650,000 was awarded in August, 2005. The greenway would be extended 2.3 miles under Edgemoor Bridge, then along Old Edgemoor Road and Edgemoor Road to the west entrance of Haw Ridge Park (see Google map or City's info/map ). This would provide access to Haw Ridge Park. Survey work begun March, 2008, construction begins in 2011. (Today, if the lake level is higher than 794' then parts of this section under the bridge are submerged.)

Phase V will some day extend the path 0.5 miles to the Solway ramp.

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Last revised: November 2, 2007
Tom Dunigan