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DEM overlay of sinkholes
Map above shows 10m-DEM elevation ticks overlaid on deep sink hole CAS001. And nearby is smaller sinkhole to NE, and tiny sinkhole to NW. Mouseover ticks to read elevations. The DEM says the low point of the deep sinkhole is 1195.4' at 36.410046,-83.942546. The spill lip is found by inspection, probably 1315.5' at 36.409769,-83.940787. The ArcMap digital analysis for this sinkhole reports:
   Area: 0.05 km2
   Perimeter: 1.11 km
   Depth: 36.3 m
   Volume: 78872 m3
   Low: 364.8 m
   High: 401 m

The topo map and the 10m DEM data can show the tiniest sinkhole, a single cell whose depth is less than all 8 of its bordering cells. Here is the single-cell sinkhole on Sinkhole Creek.

  757.60 750.59 745.05 741.40 739.26
  758.09 750.45 745.02 742.35 740.62
  759.26 750.43 742.30 738.93 740.34
  762.10 754.88 747.74 743.43 743.78
  766.63 761.02 756.36 752.71 750.08
The 5x5 table shows the USGS 10m DEM elevations at each of the 10m cells. The hole depth is 738.93', only 1.4' lower than one of its border cells. Or sinkholes can cover many square miles, like Grassy Cove.

Deep sinkholes are not obvious on topos with 40' contours, see COS001

see Tennessee sinkholes

☹ Sadly, the microsoft terraserver (MSTopo) USGS topo map server is no longer active. The MSTopo had a higher resolution topo and was the base layer for the google map above.

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