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This map shows the USGS 3m DEM data (LiDAR) for Aransas county in Texas. Cells with elevations of 25', 30', and 35' are displayed in addition to the digital high point of 39'. The topo map shows a 55' contour (county high point), but the LiDAR data suggests man or nature has altered the topography. Moving your mouse over the red tick marks will display the elevation in feet. The 39' cell (28.27660 -96.80057) is located NE of the 55' contour in a circle of 35' cells.

2004 trip report suggests high point is at 55' contour.

☹ Sadly, the microsoft terraserver (MSTopo) USGS topo map server is no longer active. The MSTopo had a higher resolution topo and was the base layer for the google map above.

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